The Divine Mother through Joyful Christie, March 11, 2022: Focusing Inwards


In Truth I approach you, my Blessed Children.

In Light I over-spread the blessings that pour forth from my Mother’s Heart of One.

I ask you now to step into this next task that I have laid out for you here.

Oh my dear ones! Never was the time more appropriate for you to lay down the ties to All that came before.

In Truth the energies being made available to each of my beautiful Gaians are swiftly increasing, magnifying, and exponentially speeding up the unification on the planet, the return to unified consciousness.

Now is the time to broaden your understanding, and I task you with this, again reminding you the path is an inward one.

Feel the Mother’s energy expanding your heart, the center of your creator self.

In Truth feel the physicality of this as you turn your focus inwards, understand the expansion and the deepening of your awareness of All That You Are.

I gift to you the image of a deep serene pool of water, so profoundly deep, indeed it is nearly impossible to fathom, even bottomless.

From the surface what you see is only so far into the depths. Yet when turning inwards, diving deeply into All That You Are, Truths that you did not even realize were part of you manifest and become clear as you spend time in this endless Pool of Expansion.

You ARE the pool and the inner work you are doing is the journey to understanding this limitlessness power of creation and manifestation that is All That You Are.

As you do this inner work exploring this wonderful pool of your divinity, understand that with your continued mastery, with the continued gems of knowledge and self-understanding comes the beautiful gift of sharing and building through community.

This pool where you are developing in understanding will enable you to Lead The Way for those that are at the very beginnings of their inner work.

This is a restful place yet a stimulating reminder that you already are ALL.

In Joyfulness approach the unwrapping of this journey in returning to who you are my children, my beloved ones, my sons and my daughters.

I again remind you in doing this joyful inner work you are anchoring all that you discover, all that you remember about your beautiful selves into the collective consciousness and thereby contributing to, and in fact creating, the ascension of dear Gaia and all of those upon her.

Let go of judgment. Let go of the outer scene.

Embrace the idea that all of the old is dissolving and the birth of The New is being created moment by moment by You, my beautiful Light Workers.

I offer this blessing now as you dive deeply:

As you make this journey, I am with you.

I am available to you.

I am loving and holding you.

And you are a Delight to me.

Blessings children.

Divine Mother