Over many lifetimes, we have walked a strange and often unfathomable journey, helping and sharing wisdom, as together we travelled through lifetimes, born into different nations as teacher and pupil, anchoring the light of All That is. We carried the frequencies of light destined  for billions of fragments of unconsciousness to rise to the surface to bring about a blueprint of new transformed energy that would raise the conscious awareness of humanity and birth a new world.
We have shared a wonderful, strange, magnificent, arduous, complicated, at times difficult - yet magical and love filled journey.  Now we move into Oneness, and words and concepts stream forth as our world fills with understanding of what we came here to do. In its right time, all unfolds as the world changes to love. 
Rarely able to see the entirety of the Divine Plan we undertook,  we moved in trust, holding our individual piece of the jigsaw, committed and dedicated in ever increasing awareness of the need for light to bring the great Divine plan to birth a new world of harmony for Earth and all humanity. 
We have propelled a state of release of old emotions, thoughts and fixed realities and have watched the movement of ego blending with spirit. We see the people of Earth moving on a journey from mind to heart. 
Many stayed strong in their understanding of being creators of life and its events. That strength of discipline is now paying off. Now we are able to detach more easily from the very limited picture of the 3D world around us and see a higher purpose that was designed to increase our vibration and connect us to highest Light. Now we see the benefit of ‘walking our talk’ and staying clear of ego and judgement. With all the discipline we brought to our life, fewer and fewer events are able to throw us off balance. Quietly each day brings more peace, greater certainty and confidence. We are able to become excited in anticipation of the next moment, more aware of the synchronicity of circumstances we encounter. We can sense a wonderful feeling deep within, with a knowing everything really is OK with the world.
The attitude and perspective we chose to view life, both past and present, decided the life we have. If we chose to see events as negative, with circumstances out of our control and of having no spiritual value, it can seem pretty tough out there. Maybe now we can review and let go of events we decided were unpleasant and release judgement of ourselves or others concerning those events. We could choose to see everything that happened in our life as a necessary part of our growth. And maybe draw from some inner place of knowing, a deeper spiritual understanding of why we attracted what we did, and see all circumstances had benefit for our greater good, even when we can’t see it at the time.  We could now resolve to approach life from this moment forward with a more positive outlook and regard everything that happens to us as a blessing.
Surely there’s not one of us who could not benefit from being more patient, tolerant, compassionate and loving or from realizing we are not always right and don’t know everything. Perhaps we could surrender more fully to ‘the flow of life' with more faith in the process of Divine Order. Perhaps we could trust ourselves more and really love ourselves, every part of us, and know we are an integral part of all creation.
Look around the space you have created for your own life, your home, pets, family and friends, and feel incredible gratitude for this amazing journey. How blessed we are for the wonderful gifts the universe bestows on all of us that allow us to help each other. And as we seek and learn and grow, discipline and insight help us discover all life is precious. We begin to understand the magical perfection of the higher picture to life and that awareness moves us beyond judging the limited view offered by 3D life. We move gently beyond the self, seeking only to help, needing no reward and yet clearly see reward is ever present in the simple act of giving. 
If we truly allow ourselves to be who we are, we can feel a deep sense of peace and serenity; an all encompassing love and gratitude for all that exists that offers us experience and growth. Perhaps such a feeling is simply a culmination of all the work, discipline and determination we have applied by releasing anything that does not reflect light and the truth of who we are. We understand and witness on many levels, the pure perfection of this universe as it hears our worlds and creates the circumstances and path we ourselves choose. There is beauty in the growth that arises from our learning that takes us to greater wisdom, spiritual compassion and unconditional love, as we expand into higher dimensions and connect more deeply and profoundly to All That Is.
So much gratitude to all who have been on this journey – and to all who extended their hand in times of need when the strain of the moment threatened to engulf us and who we were. Emanating from our strong desire to move forward to achieve our goal, we grasped hold of each other, holding fast until danger passed. We have assisted each other to take one more step, holding on until we could stride forth once again with heart strong and purpose renewed, strength of spirit prevailing - ready to accomplish all we set out to do so very long ago.
So together, standing in the strength of pure Divine light, having lived each moment, each day, each lifetime, we now see our goal being achieved. We have raised the subconscious imbedded in Earth for centuries, bringing it to the surface for responsibility and transmutation to occur, pouring light to every crevice hidden in darkness. The higher frequencies of light now usher in the Age of Aquarius, a progression from the awakening that began in the 1960’s flower power days, as light and freedom forged the beginning steps of the Ascension of Earth.
As I stand here, aware of my intimate world weaving its way beyond my senses - I reach into the past and pull forth from the fathomable depths of that which was Atlantis. A wisp of a recollection of our dream and undeniable truth of a continent of light, gracefully majestic in its perfection of beauty, sound and mathematics, forged from our ancient understanding and mastery of technology of eons past. Now a dream from that time comes true, as Atlantis rises to the greater light dimensions of Ascension. 
To the amazing light team on Earth - thank you for coming to Earth and being part of this incredible adventure.  From the innermost place deep within my heart, I wish you a magical walk in your true mastery, surrounded by the love of the universe as you proceed home.
May light rest softly upon your shoulders,
Sandy Stevenson
14th March 2022