Gaia via Galaxygirl | March 7, 2022

I am Gaia. I am expanding moment by moment, for there is no time only a string of moments of nows.

I am Gaia. I see and feel deeply the pain upon me and I wish for you to send me healing and this one has been, and in turn we will heal eachother. When you ground into me I will ground into you, for we are one. Your atoms are my atoms, we are connected with the same God breath that unites all kingdoms of me. There has been much pain and suffering upon me over my lifetime and yet many joys and treasured moments as well. There will be more joy coming. You are a deep part of this joy for me. When you meditate I feel it, and I am healing with you. My ascended self is very real and it is all happening now. Children, focus on your ascension, on our ascension, for we are experiencing this simultaneously, side by side.

I am Gaia. I can feel the energies upon me and deep within me heating up and so we are heating up together. The light brings warmth to the dark paces. There have been many places of darkness upon me but know that the light of the Great Central Sun and of Mother-Father, that light is deep and penetrates completely through all things. For in the end all is from light and will be returned to it.

I invite you do to an exercise with me. Let us imagine that the Great Central Sun is creating a beam of light at your crown chakra and lovingly allow it in, into your memories that have remaining pain and have not yet been healed, into the mental patterns and constructs that need to be reprogrammed and rewired, and fill your head with light. Activate your third eye, your intuition with light and deep understanding. Now your head is light. Allow this light to continue down into your throat where truths are spoken. This is a very common area for blockages to occur. Let us unblock them. Allow this light to fill your throat. (I am seeing a bright blue butterfly). Fill your thyroid with light, your voice with light, and allow all moments of words being spoken to be filled with light. Allow it to feel expansive in your throat, increase the space in there to allow further resonance of truth and hope to be spoken. Allow this light to travel down from your neck into your high heart. You may see a door with a padlock or some other type of block. It is time to unblock these, children. It is time to love fiercely for you know how but have been afraid by the conditioning of the world and it has been a painful place to feel deeply because of deep woundings. (I am seeing a padlock on a metal door being broken open and swinging open. There is a garden of light behind it). Yes. Breathe in deeply into this hidden garden that is no longer hidden. Allow the green tendrils of the plants to grow, bringing light, life and green to the rest of your body. (I am seeing small flowering vines with glowing colors grow all through my body and they are happy to travel the light all the way through me.) And now your heart, allow the light of the Great Central Sun into your heart so that it is bright, open and pure, without judgement, awake and aware. Now fill your abdomen and pelvis with this light, and know that you are truly a being of light in form. Feel it keenly, knowing this to be true. Allow this light to extend deep down your legs through your feet and into the earth and lock into me. When you walk barefoot on my form we are holding hands, we are sharing energy, and light and love. I am with you.

I am Gaia. My form will be changing just as yours will be changing. Know this has been a long road because it has been a long journey. You and I have had many adventures together. And now the greatest adventure awaits. Fill yourselves with light and hope. You are seeing a great divide occurring, the clash of the light and the dark. But ultimately there is light for me, for us, for you. Be comforted in this knowing that you and I are experiencing ascension together. It is deeply personal and yet communal, a unique experience to be sure. My role as Nova Gaia will expand from my current mission just as your roles and joys will expand. Can you feel my tender love for you? Open up your hearts wide to me and feel my motherly love for you. My love has expanded in the past few days just as yours can if you choose. This light expansion exercise will be assisting as the increased frequencies continue. Remember to be locked into the light, not into the fear and noise that surrounds. Surround yourself with this deep inner knowing of light, of love, of our connection and be comforted. You are not alone. You are well watched after. The plan is a divine one and those that continue to chose darkness have not much longer on my form, which is a relief to me and yet it also breaks my heart. Send your light to those who are suffering. Send a blanket of peace and violet fire to the wounded.

I am Gaia. I love you children with my whole heart. All is well, all will be well. In this place of faith, feel your light. Cocoon it around you and expand it to encompass all of me. We are one. I am Gaia.

~ galaxygirl