The Cosmic Battle


By Teri Wade on March 6th 2022

We humans are a very sought after commodity throughout our solar system. For both malevolent and benevolent reasons. We are The Great Experiment! We've had our DNA spliced and diced from many different races for the purpose of creating something "that has not yet been created.”

So all this genetic material we're made of is very important to both the good and the bad. "We are literally the Gods we've been waiting for.” This is the core purpose of our suppression. Meaning, these negative beings fear the day we all wake up to this knowledge of ourselves. One agenda wants us to perish, one agenda wants us to thrive!

If these new and higher energy frequencies weren’t buffered the human race would go mad, we'd lose our freakin minds! There would be extreme catastrophic natural events and human deaths, we just could not tolerate it just had to be buffered.

Well, that was then this is now. The buffering we were getting is no longer and we are getting hit with these frequencies full on. One of the reasons is because we can handle it now kind of!

The Dark Agenda want the human race annihilated, we just aren't dying fast enough for them and their destructive agenda.

The positive beings were letting out just enough of this energy so we’d get our DNA vibrational upgrades at a subtle stream at a pace we could handle. Eventually, they couldn’t keep these Higher frequencies throttled back anymore.

EVERYTHING is getting their upgrade! This is ASCENSION! We will ascend to an extremely powerful "energy vibration.” The Church calls this event the Rapture. There is literally a massive war going on between a positive faction and a negative faction for control of Earth and the human race. I know many of you know this information and I'm just preaching to the choir but it has to be spread. Knowledge is power! Truth is liberation!

This war is a war of weaponry so dangerous we have no idea what the destruction would be and it's also a war for our minds, our consciousness. Put it this way... if we weren’t getting help from a positive Galactic intervention we’d be gone along time ago.