Judith Kusel: The Balancing Act

by Judith Kusel

The Balancing Act between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and the great family constellations.

I was made aware last night, when I had my weekly Zoom meeting with my students, of the challenges which are occurring world-wide in the family constellations.

One needs to realize that within the family content, no soul belongs or is owned by another soul. The soul in essence is free. Before a Soul incarnates it does choose its own parents, yet the self-same parents also agree to become the vessels which conceive the child, and therefore take on whatever such task and responsibility it involves. (Now I will not go into the greater stories of adoption etc. here. All I can say is that in my Soul Readings, the soul does know beforehand this would happen, and often chose their adoptive parents as well. This goes beyond human understanding. It is best known in the heart.)

I am always being guided, that when I do Soul Readings for children, that I only need their parents’ permission, if they are under the age of five. From five onwards, these souls need to give permission for their soul records to be read, for I am always told they from then on are consciously aware of what is going on in their lives. Thus from the age of five, they need to learn to stand on their own two feet and thus master their own soul lessons.

As these weeks intensify, please understand that there is a Divine Law of Projection.

This law states that we may not project our own inner self, onto others, for this causes pain and suffering. I would add, false expectations, false hopes, and whatever we project of our inner self, and our own experiences in life, onto others.

No where is this more obvious than in family relationships, and indeed the last two years have brought in immense challenges and divisions in families like never before.

There is an age old military strategy, which is that of divide and conquer. If you can divide your enemy, and have them fighting amongst them, you have already won the battle. And indeed you can manipulate them as well.

Within a family constellation you will always find both support and challenge and at the very same time! This is because all of Creation is in perfect balance. Yin and Yang balance each other out, and thus create balance. Within a family, some will play out the role of supporter, and some will play out the role of challenger. Yet, you will always have EQUALS of both! There can never be imbalance!

All of life reflects your own face. If someone challenges you in the family, then look within and find yourself. Where are you doing exactly the same thing?

So often the children will reflect the parents own face back to them and everything they cannot stand or what irritates them about the each other. “You are just like your father/mother.” So often they will indeed see their own children making the same mistakes they did, and cringe. Yet the children need to also master lessons in life in order to grow at soul levels.

What exasperates this, is the the Little Child within each one of us, is making itself known. What our own parents projected upon us, wanted to change us into, plus society. That little Child wants to be finally loved for who and what it in truth is.

The thing is we simply do not know exactly what is going on INSIDE the husband, the wife, the children. You can so easily project you own experiences of life; you own inner self onto another, and because you think and feel in this form or another, then believe that they should feel exactly the same, or think the same, or act the same, or whatever. The Law of Projection goes with the Law of taking full responsibility for whatever you create.

If you project you own feelings, thoughts, experiences upon others, you are not giving them the freedom to simply be themselves. This is indeed the greatest challenge of all: unconditional love.

The greatest gift of love you can give your loved ones is the freedom to be simply themselves – without trying to change them, without manipulating, within trying to make them feel bad, or guilty, or project shame, and blame, in any form or way.

Every soul is whole and complete in its own way. Nothing is every missing. When incarnated the soul may choose its own experiences, and so often those will involve soul lessons in mastery. Your soul lessons in mastery, are not the same as theirs. You may have mastered the lessons they now need to master lifetimes ago and do not need to repeat these again.

The greatest of love, is to simply give them the freedom to make their own mistakes, to fall flat on their faces, as sometimes happens, but to hold them steady in unconditional love. The open heart, which does not close, but is constant in love.

Therein lies our greatest challenge as the energies now are very powerful and bringing in great balancing acts.

As I work with souls from all over the world, I am so often being made aware of the huge shifts which are occurring, in the SOULS everywhere. For instance, there is a gathering now, of the group of men, who wish to heal the great divides the masculine created in during the last thousands of years. Interestingly all of them are deeply connection to their feminine feeling side, which has been suppressed for so long, and this a deep heart opening.

Look at what is happening! Look how hearts are opening!

Yes, the old family constellations are disintegrating so that we can all finally return to the Heart of unconditional love, love without false projections and false expectations, love which indeed embraces ALL – without judgement.

For indeed we all wish to be loved for what and what we are – in truth, and not for what others, and society tries to project upon us!

Every soul has Divinity within itself, and the Divine experiences life through the soul. The soul is ever reflecting life back to the Divine.

There is a beautiful shift and a profound healing occurring in humankind, and indeed it is teaching us to not attach to anyone or anything. Attachments create negative cords which energetically can push and pull and cause pain and suffering.

You can love someone wholeheartedly, and still do not attach to them. You can give someone to freedom to be, just like you have the freedom to be, simply themselves or you are simply yourself, and in miraculous ways, when you do this, you find that love ever deepens and grows more profound.

This does not mean that one cannot choose to be with someone you love. Merely it means that you will not attach, nor try to own them, nor try to make them do your bidding, or change anything about them.

The Power of Love seeks only to love in ever higher and greater degrees, and is boundless and infinite, ever expanding upon itself.

For love multiplies in freedom.

Here lies a very profound and secret key to life and living.