Judith Kusel: Entering the Age of Love

Judith Kusel

We have entered the Age of Love, with the New Earth.

It means the beautiful balance, harmony and inner wisdom which true love brings within us, and I am not talking about the love between a man and woman here.

I am talking about the deepest marriage within, between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, within and thus the true balance, the harmony, the return to the androgynous state, of the All Being.

We are in a state of immense transfiguration and as the Divine Feminine and the Holy Sophia are making their presence felt intensely now, we are being reminded that this is Age of the Heart and Soul, and indeed living, being, expressing unconditional Love, which is all-embracing, while living our innate Soul Wisdom, As ONE with the Divine Source.

I’m deeply feeling this shift and indeed I am always being brought back to the Power of Love and indeed that it is essentially the return to living life lovingly, and in that loving there is the creation of Unity, Harmony and Balance within and without.
I was reminded of this yesterday, when I heard the reaction of the students, to a Poem by Jacob Boehme, the great German Mystic, who wrote a poem (inspired by the Pistis Sophia), on entering the Bridal Chamber, when the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within, enter sacred and holy union, and become AS ONE.

Some of my students had great difficulty with that entering and had past lives and this life’s things surfacing about relationships where the Bridal chamber was entered where no love was present. They thus needed to work on releasing these memories and indeed then moving into the highest state of Loving Grace and true forgiveness, and then becoming grateful to those souls, and the way they served their own soul growth and good, by playing out these roles.

How many enter that physical Bridal Chamber with false expectations, with the fairy tale dreams of eternal bliss and then find that after a few months, years and whatever, there is the exact opposite emerging. What once they so adored and loved, now becomes a Source of irritation, and source of dispute and even anger and bitterness.

This all now needs to be dissolved, are the role playing is over. The actors on the Old Earthly stages and movies have now become redundant.

The Old Hollywood scrips do not work anymore, for the whole set-up has changed forever!

Our souls are freed from the wheels of karma.

We do not need to old roles, scripts and unforgiveness, and duality and separation any longer. That is the Old Earth, and the Old Earth exists no more!

Through the Power of Divine Love, we are being reborn in the Age of Love – where we will experience unity, oneness and indeed the deep sacredness in Union once again. Yet it will not only be in the Bridal Chambers, but indeed the unity and sacredness of the Bridal chambers will indeed be found everywhere as we indeed now co-create in unison, and harmony and AS ONE with everyone else.

Allow yourself to enter your own inner Bridal Chamber. Then ask that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine comes together with love and in sacred holy union, as ONE.

When this sacred and holy union occurs within, it will reflect outside, for now you are in balance and harmony within, your heart center is wide open and you can now experience ever greater degrees of love and being loved, for you now will attract those who are on the same frequency and vibration as you are, in the New Earth.

The Power of Love is sweeping the Earth.

It is sweeping into the chambers of your heart and soul and indeed it is inviting you to experience the Sacred and Holy Marriage within as you enter the Bridal Chamber, and are reborn in love, with love and held within the arms of love, eternally.