The Biggest Hammer


January 23, 2022 by Catherine Viel

I used to think that thunder was
The sound of the Hammer, Thor,
He’d beat it up on the clouds above Each time he was waging war…
He didn’t know black from white…
He didn’t know wrong from right…
~David Lewis Paget, The Hammer of Thor


If I were writing the story we’re in, people wouldn’t be dying or getting sick because of an injection they believed was necessary for their health.

There wouldn’t be this epidemic of vaccine injuries and deaths. Such people would’ve gotten the memo with asterisks next to all of the pharmaceutical company claims about Covid vaccines’ purported efficacy, safety, and necessity. Something like, don’t take that stuff, it doesn’t do what they say, and it does things they don’t say.

If only that memo had been lavishly disseminated for all to see! Everyone would know not to take the vaccines and would instead be aware of the facts being whisked away behind the smokescreen of mainstream media and governmental authorities.

Everyone would also know that those authorities are acting without regard to local as well as international human rights standards and laws such as the Nuremberg code. The violations are so egregious, there are legal actions underway all over the world, demanding transparency and revelation of truths.

That’s how I would’ve written the story, anyway. Level playing field. Truth for all. Nobody lagging because they didn’t have the time for research, or the acumen to mainline their information from other than “trusted news sources.“


In his podcast of January 21, Simon Parkes says the White Hats have been on what he considers a futile campaign to wake people up. The barrage of more and more outrageous performances by various public figures, and imposition of increasingly illogical and unscientific mandates, hasn’t prompted the unawake majority to start questioning.

He makes the point that said majority is beaten down, barely able (or unable) to keep themselves and their families housed and fed and clothed. They haven’t the luxury of setting aside time in order to analyze the latest tantalizing breadcrumb dropped by the White Hats.

And for those who are in less stressful circumstances, many are so accustomed to the rutted road of mainstream information, they have no incentive to jump their mental wheels off that track. Why bother? It has served them quite well enough so far.

Simon notes that stunts apparently orchestrated by the White Hats, such as having Biden trip up the stairs to Air Force One, haven’t made a dent in the overall obliviousness of the masses. Oh, he’s just a little clumsy, or he was having a bad day…

The upshot, as Simon always opines, is that mainstream media must publish and promote facts and tell the truth. Publishing the facts in places that many individuals don’t even know about, like alternative media, does nothing to awaken compliant humanity.


Black is white, and white is black.

I just got off the phone with a professional I’ve known a long time. I had a question and I knew he would have the answer, and he did. We concluded our chat with a little personal catching up and then were winding down the call.

So far, so good. Then he mentioned how glad he is that Trump is out of office and how unfortunate it is for all the unvaccinated people who are dying because they didn’t educate themselves…

I hope I earned some brownie points for my response, which was to make noncommittal noises and silently marvel that such an intelligent person could be so willfully blind.

And if I had spoken up and we had launched into a discussion, he would’ve been left marveling at how such an intelligent person could be so willfully blind.

White is black, and black is white.


Much as I’d like to rewrite our current human story, I doubt it’s possible. I don’t have that nifty time travel capability, Looking Glass or other such methods, so the only clay with which I can work consists of present and future.

It’s even narrower than that. The only solid, real material at my fingertips consists of present time.

Never mind for now that it is neither solid nor quite real, according to many viewpoints. I’ll just say that this present moment, encompassing the mind and spirit and body I am currently endowed with, comprises my modeling material.

I think I was just given a demonstration of how to sculpt that current clay. For now, for me, I’ll keep my lips zipped in most circumstances. I can’t “educate“ an attorney with a razor-sharp mind and lightning-fast repartee, and a polar opposite view of the current world situation from what I believe is happening. This is a man who has bested the best that certain government agencies have thrown at him in court.

I’m not exactly slow-witted, but he’d make mincemeat of me and my alternative-truther arguments in about thirty seconds. He’ll always be bringing a bigger hammer to the party.

I imagine most of us are going to have to wait for an even bigger hammer to drop. A hammer that can smash the Deep State’s control of the mainstream media and everything else contrary to the human good that’s been drawing blinders over the public’s eyes.

If not Thor’s hammer, something just as heavy and righteous and brilliant. After it strikes, we can pick up the shattered pieces, not just for others but for ourselves—for even we seekers have apparently been kept in the dark about some things—and gently construct the New Earth, the new reality, from anything salvageable from the old, and even more, from the shining starlight of the new.

My old attorney friend and I can labor side by side, building the beauty of the new, and forgetting the acrimony of the past. Together. If he were reading this, I’m sure it would make him smile, as I am smiling right now.