Stars in My Eyes


January 16, 2022 by Catherine Viel

When I was younger, so much younger than today
I never needed anybody’s help in any way
But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured
Now I find I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the doors
~The Beatles, Help


Now here’s a disturbing thought.

What if humanity being brought to its knees, as some commentators so colorfully phrase it, is partly in aid of us learning how to accept help?

Or even recognize that we need help, and that help is available, never mind actually asking for it.

Assistance can be found first and foremost, I believe, from within our own infinite selves. Those many higher dimensional selves of which we are the physical expression at the moment, as described by, for example, Alex Collier.

After all, those higher selves appear to be an unbreakable connection with Spirit, with All That Is, with all the benevolent Beings of Light who are evidently just itching to lend us a hand.

And what if, in my finite personal instance of “disability,” it’s all in aid of me being willing to ask for help?


I must say, it’s rather nice to stroll about the yard with our wonderful longtime landscaper, Alfredo, discussing weeds, and using castor bean pellets to repel the gophers, and spraying the fungus in the Dymondia…

“It’s hard for me to do any weeding, because of my hip,“ I explained somewhat apologetically.

As if I ought to always be perfectly physically capable of anything and everything.

For once, I didn’t creep back into the house feeling as if I’d shirked my responsibility and handed it off to someone else.

No. It’s a shared responsibility. Using resources in a way that benefits me as well as the landscaper and his employees through the accomplishment of gainful work. At this point, the exchange of money for services is still the way many people in Western society get things done.


Many channels have said that Gaia herself asked for help some 80 years ago, and willing assistance in the form of Light energy began beaming to Earth immediately.

Goodness. If this massive archangel called out for help, who am I to be too proud to do the same?

It is partly pride. It’s also the ingrained programming, the old patterning as Dr. Peebles has called it, still operating from the little girl who was tasked early on with self-responsibility, and praised for doing things all on her own. It is she, dear little soul, that balks at raising a hand and whimpering, help…

Perhaps pride, in this instance, is yet another offshoot of fear.

What if I ask for help, and nobody is there?

I wonder how many lifetimes, and even within this lifetime, the hand has been raised and the call has not been answered.

What a terrible burden of abandonment that has been. And perhaps this is so for many of us.


I observe a dichotomy when browsing through articles or videos. Commentators like Mel K, Ann VanderSteele, and Scott McKay beat the drum of self-responsibility. The message seems to be, don’t wait to be rescued. If we rely on others to get us out of this mess, we won’t learn how to keep the catastrophic disintegration we’ve “allowed“ from happening again.

Another viewpoint, sometimes espoused by the very same people, is that the darkly inclined forces that have dominated Earth and enslaved humanity over the millennia must be removed before we actually can recover, get well, and move into the Light, as a species and as a planet.

Which is it, guys? Are we supposed to be taking care of ourselves? Or are we allowed to ask for help when we’re in over our heads?


I reckon everyone has a personal tipping point. A point of surrender, the moment when we stop and stand, stock still, staring at a project, or an unresolved conflict with another person, or some other test of fortitude.

And we say: I’m not going to try to do this by myself.

There might be reluctance. The request for assistance might be begrudging at best.

But ask we will.

I suspect that what we’re witnessing now, worldwide, are masses of humans not only waking up to many truths, but blinking sleep-begrimed eyes and looking around in dismay.

Hey…this is a freaking mess! Is there somebody out there who’s got a few solutions up their sleeve? I could try and muck about on my own to make things better…but maybe we can pool resources and find an easier way, together.

As more humans come to realize that infinite help is always available if we but ask, I suspect that much more assistance will be coming our way than even the most starry-eyed optimist has ever imagined.

I will wrap the cloak of the starry-eyed optimist about me at the moment, and send my heartfelt desire for assistance out to the All That Is, and inward to the All that I Am.

How much easier it is for me to ask for assistance when I recognize that somehow, it’s me assisting me, anyway. Even if it appears to be from some outside source.