Eldora & Siman : Shift into 5D

You are going through the most intense metamorphosis of your lives right now. LIGHT is being infused so that all that is NOT of the LIGHT can be flushed out from the cracks, crevices, nooks and cranny’s of your being.

This can be uncomfortable, even painful. The harder you resist, the more painful It gets.

There is only room for only one authority in the Control Panel of your being right now - Either your HIGHER SELF is in control, or your EGO. You decide in each moment which aspect of your being is in calling the shots. There is no other way.

Your higher self wants what’s BEST for you, even if the route to get there seems uncomfortable and painful from the human perspective. Your higher self will always push you to face the uncomfortable situations head on. Your higher self is asking you to fearlessly look at all the darkness and fear that is arising within you and ask “What message does this darkness hold for me?” That is how you then push past any blocks of stagnation and resistance even when you feel it’s too much to handle. You can do it, if you couldn’t your guides wouldn’t set it up this way.

Your ego, on the other hand, wants to keep you in your COMFORT ZONE for you even if that means you remain stagnant. “Maybe I should avoid this conversation as I would rather maintain my Peace and avoid confrontation”, “Maybe if I wait a while things will get better on their own”. The central theme of the ego is COMPLACENCY and it creates very convincing narratives to convince your mind that playing it SAFE and playing SMALL is the way to go.

Your ego will be triggered by anyone or anything that pushes you towards your higher self. It will kick and scream and grumble and complain and PROJECT on to others in a clever and conniving way. It will CONVINCE you that it’s THEIR fault. It will CONVINCE you that it is THEY that are in their ego and leave you feeling like the innocent victim.

What’s important to remember is that YOU are the only one your EGO can hold hostage, that’s its primary job and once you start recognizing it for what it is, it will eventually have no place to hide anymore!

Soak this up before you proceed.

Change the story from “Why is this situation happening to me?” To “Why is this situation happening FOR me?” By acknowledging that every single situation in life has been staged for you to receive a valuable lesson from the divine. This is the key to taking back the reigns of control over your own life.

“What is the lesson in this situation?” Will be the key question that opens up new doors within your self awareness. When we being to take a good hard look at the important topics in our lives that we have been avoiding to address, that is when we are ready to embrace Divine Alchemy and change.

Sometimes we need discomfort to push us forward so that we can see things differently. Everything in your life, even seemingly negative situations are gifts from the Divine to push you out of your comfort zone. To push you out of stagnation and to allow you to take back control of your life.

Say out loud, ‘This is not me, it’s my unhealed ego trying to exert its hold on me’ and watch your reality shift instantly as some of your blinders come off.

The path of your higher self always feels good. It cuts through all the ego’s stories and lands you in your highest joy and alignment. It doesn’t take shit from others. It doesn’t need to prove its worth to others. It doesn’t need to convince others or look for approval from others. It doesn’t need love from others because your own self love is enough for you.

Your higher self is your I AM PRESENCE which is LOVE-POWER-WISDOM - the Holy Trinity <3

What you are being reminded to PAUSE and reflect on right now is of the people or circumstances who push you beyond your comfort zone, out of their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, by consciously or unconsciously triggering the fuck out of your ego so that it has NO place to hide.

You have a choice, always, on how long you want to prolong the EGO’s voice. It can be silenced in one quick second, and you will start to feel better immediately.

Sending you our heartfelt prayers for this to be an easy transition for you into the Fifth Dimensional world of Consciousness <3

With Love,
EldoRa & Siman