Matt Kahn: There is nothing to fear


Dear Friend,

There is nothing to fear. That doesn't mean fear is irrational. It points to the only true fear in existence being a fear of the 'nothing' within ourselves we haven't learn to trust and directly face. The 'nothing' I am referring to is often described as emptiness, sensed as silence, or referred to as the void. We fear the void simply because we've been conditioned to only trust our understanding of things. This creates relationships with how things appear, instead of bonding with the sacred divine no-thing within and throughout it all. With no-thing to figure out, distrust, or micromanage, the void calls itself home as all; to be fully present as the mystery of life with equal moments of stillness to pace the unfoldment of daily activity.

As you love yourself more, not less, an ability to face the no-thingness of your formless self becomes instinctive versus overwhelming, and more of a curious open-ended exploration than a race against time. Through the beauty and necessity of self-love, may you find equal amounts of comfort, freedom, inspiration, clarity and joy, whether in motion, at rest, feeling like someone living among others, or dwelling as the no-thing through which all things come and go. From this space of direct knowing, fear can be embraced with loving-kindness and tender care without identifying with its tendency to hide from the nothing it has always truly been. We are the no-thing of infinite spirit, exploring worlds of evolving possibility, shaped into form by the intersecting power of time and space. Welcome to the miracle of life. It is you who all of reality celebrates and honors through the magnificent beauty of form.

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All For Love,