Judith Kusel: Massive Shift and Reset

Judith Kusel


I was given very important information early yesterday morning pertaining to the massive shift and reset which occurred. This is my journal entry:
“3 x I was called: “Daughter of Zion, rejoice!”

The sun discs appeared and were placed within me.

I was told that they have replaced our DNA entirely and our cells and cellular structures so that we can now fully step into our new Adam Kadmon Lightbody form.

This process cannot be stopped nor altered.

The new humanity is rising in the New Earth and the New Golden Age of One.

There is a huge shift into the next level of Christ consciousness.

The Arks of the Covenant are fully being reactivated and they are now radiating forth immensely powerful energy, of the 7th to 8th dimensional frequency bands, as one with the Elysium Crystal Pyramids and the crystalline energy grids.

This is impacting vastly on humanity, as it is triggering the new DNA and cellular structures, the pineal and pituitary glands, as well as triggering the soul memory banks.

We are literally being switched on!

This is immense, and works through the open heart center, the White Flame of Illumination and the Power of Love.

All is encoded with Universal Codes, so this is unstoppable!

The waves of ascension will now rise in octaves, as those within the 5th will be tuned into the 7th and will now be able to access the information, knowledge, spiritual keys and codes, which could not be accessed in the 3D.

We are now going to experience expanded consciousness like never before.

This is a totally new life and new beginning.