Dearest Ones we come to you today to give you much hope for your year of 2022. We see that many of you are feeling exhausted and marginalised by what has been happening on your planet during the last 2 years. We are here to applaud you for your steadfastness in keeping up your own LIGHT in the midst of so much darkness.

We can tell you now that the war is over. The LIGHT has won. What you are seeing now are only small pockets of darkness fighting for attention but truly the LIGHT has won. We would like to say this to you so many times that you will eventually begin to believe those words.

Yes, we do see these pockets of darkness and if you are amongst this darkness you may not believe any of what we are telling you. However for those of you still fighting for your freedom amongst restrictions, we say to you, keep up your fight for much information is coming to the fore, to end those restrictions forever. Believe in your hearts that Freedom is your God given right and restrictions will be no more. It is as if you are locked up in a prison thinking that you have a lifetime's sentence and not knowing that the next morning you will be set free from your prison.

There is so much going on behind the scenes both on Earth and in the Higher realms that if you knew all the information, you would not believe it. You are on the very edge of an exciting new Earth and YOU are the way showers, Dear ones, for those who come behind you. YOU are indeed the fortunate ones for YOU have been privy to so much information of which many of Earth's inhabitants are ignorant. YOU have been aware of the darkness that has been allowed to continue on the planet for millennia. When the information finally comes out, others, who are totally unaware, will be shocked and YOU will be much needed to help to inform and heal them. Dear Ones YOUR TIME is truly coming.

Much of the damage that the dark side have been trying to inflict on the planet in an attempt to de-populate the world has been ameliorated. We do re-iterate to you that your friends and families have been looked after by their guides. Even though they may not have believed your words and are going along with the current narrative, they will be awakening soon and you will be vindicated for what you have been trying to tell them.

We do hear you say that when the Truth does come out, however much you all want to say "I told you so" this will not be the case. The words we do hear you say when others ask you how you knew will be "I used my Intuition or I just knew" !!!!!! Those who do not believe in any sort of God or Higher force will be more than confused when the Truth does come out and will need much healing from you as their whole world will be turned upside down.

And so Dear Ones it is time to go within and know that your time IS coming. You are all going through much soul healing and much is coming up to be cleared. You may notice that it is as if you are on a roller coaster. One day you may be feeling on top of the world the next you are feeling down and all of this may also happen in one day. Do not engage with what is causing all of these emotions to come to the surface. These are the last vestiges of the soul healing itself and as this year progresses you will all begin to feel amazing and you will not be going backwards. YOU came to Earth to help to heal others but in doing so you had to heal yourself first and you have all done an amazing job of that.

When you are feeling these darker emotions do reach out to your Angels and Guides and to those around you for help and healing. Have no Fear in any way healthwise, practically or financially, for your future will be assured.

Many of you have been feeling very much alone recently as your so called friends may have dropped by the way side. You will be looking to others who are on the same wave length as you, as soul groups come back together. Many of you will also be guided to move into different areas to start new lives. Have no Fear about any of this for this is your soul's calling and you will be guided.

Sadly many partnerships will be breaking up, as one partner wants to progress their soul forwards into the 5th Dimension and the other wants to stay in the comfort of the 3rd. It will be your personal choice to leave but if you do so, have no fear, for you will have much help from the higher realms if it is in your soul's plan to do so. You will just know what is right for you and your soul's calling for it will become self evident.

Those of you who are on your own and looking for partners will be finally finding your soul mate as you both come together to continue the work that you started in other lives. You have been apart for your own soul's growth but now is the time for all soul groups to come together to move forwards into the New Earth.

Keep up with your meditations and connecting with Gaia for this will help you to assimilate the new energies that are being beamed upon the Earth from the Central Sun. As we have said before the Earth is going through much change. There will continue to be more earthquakes, volcanoes and violent winds occurring during this phase until Gaia settles into her own 5th Dimension. As Lightworkers be assured that you will always be in the right place and the right time to avoid any catastrophes.

And so dear Ones we applaud you yet again for staying the course and coming to this moment in time. It hasn't been easy for many of you but times are changing and you will soon be rewarded in many ways for all that you have done to help humanity in this special time.

As always call on us for help and healing at this time.

We send you much Love and many Blessings and say to you yet again


We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 7.1.2022