Saul through John: You, each and every human in form, is a divinely created child of God


by John Smallman

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As you well know, although you very frequently forget it as you live your daily human lives, we are all One, there is No separation because separation from the One is impossible, the One is All.  And humanity is now awakening from the age of forgetfulness into awareness – awareness of the Oneness and indivisibility of All.  That growing awareness can be very unsettling because what you had assumed was normal daily life no longer seems to be working, things keep going wrong, and an intense sense of uncertainty – an uncertainty that has always been there, but hidden or denied – leads to anxiety and fear.  As I have remarked many times already lots of “STUFF” is arising that needs to be acknowledged, thanked, and released, and this list of ‘stuff’ perhaps appears to be endless.  This is because it has been increasing, despite its being hidden or denied for so long, and now it is being allowed – due to your collective choice to awaken – into your awareness and you are having to address it.  It is not enjoyable, but it does need to be dealt with so that there is room in your hearts for love to move in as the ‘stuff,’ – the blocks to Love – fear, anger resentment, hatred, and antipathy dissipate.

Most of humanity has for eons felt alone, abandoned, separate, and this has resulted in a great need to socialize, to be part of a tribe, a group, a religious organization etc., to ease that sense of separation which is unnatural.  You collectively made the choice to experience separation, and in fact came to believe that you were separate, and this has caused you enormous pain and suffering over the eons.  Joining groups or forming families to relieve or remove that belief could not and did not work, because you knew that death would always arrive to terminate those relationships.  And yet, at the core of your being, you had a sense that life could not terminate in death, that it had to have a far deeper meaning than your daily lives suggested.  Many poured scorn on those who believed in God and an afterlife, claiming that those who held such beliefs were just too fearful to accept the reality that death was terminal, but those scornful ones were in fact just burying their own fears way below the level of their conscious awareness, fears that would have created an inner turmoil that they could not have avoided addressing.

Now all, every sentient life form, are having to address these long buried or denied issues that made the experience of separation possible.  The sense of separation will dissolve as these issues are dealt with and lovingly released.  There is only Love, as you well know, but you can hide It from yourselves by engaging with the experience of separation in which it appears that each one of you is a mortal being under almost constant threat of death.  That threat guides and directs you much of the time as you live your daily lives, earning a living to pay for essentials for yourselves and for your loved ones, and more so today than ever before.  That threat keeps you close to fear, which results either in anger or a sense of hopelessness.  That anger or hopelessness is now arising into the awareness of each human as they seek love and meaning in their lives, whereas before they had to a large extent been denied and overlaid with a mask that hid each one’s inner turmoil.  This is no longer possible because each one now has to face and deal with their own personal issues – anger, resentment, hatred, unworthiness, guilt, and shame – which prevent or disallow Love from entering their hearts.  It is an extremely painful and unsettling time, but you are moving through it very rapidly because you have collectively chosen Love over the unreality of the illusion or dream in which you have been immersed for so long.

As your collective awakening process intensifies and accelerates the need or requirement for you to spend time within daily at your holy inner sanctuary – meditating, praying relaxing, or just being – also intensifies.  Many of you will find yourselves preciously guarding that unaccompanied time that you have, maybe for years already, reserved for your personal growth and fulfillment, but which, for various reasons, you have not always been able to engage with on a daily basis.  Now you do need to honor yourselves and claim that private time every day, because it is a major aspect of your personal awakening process, and you did plan it as a major part of your human life path prior to your present incarnation.

Remember that when you take time out for the above mentioned reasons you are enormously powerful, and by so doing you are assisting all of humanity to awaken.  You each incarnated knowing that the full intent of your presence on Earth now, today, and every day of your present life time, was to assist in the awakening process.  Numerous other dear souls, who have yet to remember that they are divine beings, are relying on your presence and on the loving energy you express and share with all of humanity solely by being incarnate now.  If you have any doubts about your worthiness or your competence for this divine task, go within and ask me, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or any of those in the spiritual realms from whom you regularly seek guidance, to help you dissolve those doubts which are utterly and completely invalid.

You, each and every human in form, is a divinely created child of God, perfect in every way, you have just momentarily forgotten this absolute Truth about your pure and sinless identity.  Every sentient life is divinely created to give joy to God, and not even one of them can fail to do so.  You are One with the One in a permanent and eternal Holy Relationship that can never be broken or damaged.  Delight in this knowing, trust this knowing, It is who you truly are!  God loves and accepts you completely and utterly in every moment of your unending existence, and deep within yourselves you can and will find the divinely placed certitude and assurance of this holy and undeniable Truth.  Just go within and allow Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, the All, that is also You, to embrace and enfold you in the loving arms of REALITY!  What a wonderful Epiphany for you as you enter the new year.

With so very much love, Saul.

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