Dearest Ones we are all here together with a strong bond of Unity and a great force for LOVE on the planet NOW.

JESHUA: Many of you are going through great stresses as you prepare for the Christmas of this year of 2021. Even though this time is a supposed time of a celebration of my birth, it can also bring up many fears and negative emotions. You may be planning food and drink for the special day and wondering if you have enough, you may be agonising over your gifts for others and whether they are good enough, you may still have many chores yet to be completed, you may even be dreading the day if you are having to spend it on your own. Many of you might well be having financial and health issues and others are grieving for loved ones who are no longer with you on the planet, as you come towards this day of celebration. Even if you are amongst your own family, you may still be feeling very much alone as you feel that you are one amongst others who all think differently to you.

Do not despair Dear Ones, we are all here to help calm your fears, sadness and give you some hope for the future.

I can tell you now that as Lightworkers, you are all doing an amazing job of holding the LIGHT in a sea of darkness that had descended on planet EARTH. The so called evil ones have caused the Earth to descend into a sea of darkness but they are now departing Planet EARTH for good and they will continue their own soul journey on a healing planet in another galaxy far away from Earth. Yes my Dears these so called evil ones do have a soul even though many of you may think that they are soul less. You are the enlightened ones and you do need to send them your Love however hard that may be for you all. They will be needing it my Dears as they come to terms with what they have done to GAIA and her people. As LIGHTWORKERS you may be feeling less than strong in these final days but for your own soul journey you need to find some forgiveness in your own heart for them. At this special time on Earth do think of the words that others may have heard me say on my cross "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do“.

The LIGHT which has been hidden from you all for millennia is now returning to EARTH and you are truly at the start of a wonderful time of PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY on your planet. Take heart Dear Ones for those of you who are reading these words, whether you believe them or not, WILL be living in this NEW EARTH for many years to come.

MARY MAGDALENE: Dearest Ones I am with you to help and guide you into this New World of LOVE and PEACE. Call on me for help at this time. I can help you wash away the sins of the world. As you go through your own traumas you are also helping many of your own dear friends and families around you. You as an enlightened being are strong enough to take on the burdens of those around you, who may be less enlightened than you. Fear not Dear Ones for this is your glorious task at this moment in time. You are all helping to clear the 3rd Dimension of hatred, anger and greed, for you all to be able to enter a 5th Dimension of LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY.

We know how hard it is has been for you to be a lone voice in the wilderness, so to speak, amongst others who think differently to you. Your own friends and family will thank you for this in time. Their souls are truly being affected by you as you shine your LIGHT amongst them. Now is not the time for arguments, now is the time to come together in UNITY that is the foundation of the LOVE that you feel for others.

If you feel challenged by another in an argument about the current situation, agree to disagree. The time WILL come when they too will see the Truth that you have been seeing for some time. Remember that we are all a part of my own dear Jeshua's, CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS that is coming back to Earth today as the oft predicted second coming. As a part of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, YOU my Dear ones are the second coming, YOU are the LIGHT, and YOU are all the SAVIOURS of the world NOW.

MOTHER MARY: I come to surround you all in my LOVE for you. As I had to grieve for my own Dear Son when he died on the Cross, I also rejoiced when he was resurrected. I am your own Dear Mother grieving for you now as you face your own battles and challenges but I am also here to cheer you on as you win the final battle to ensure that LOVE returns to the planet. Call on me when you want to feel the arms of your own Mother who may have been lost to you. I will cherish you for you can do no wrong in my eyes. I will Love you forever as a Mother always loves her own child however he/she may behave.

When you feel lonely and unloved by those around you, relax in my arms and you will be lonely no more. YOU are my children Dear Ones and I will support you always. You have been struggling for too long now and I am here to tell you that the GOOD times are coming. Trust and believe me when I say this and you will soon be seeing this new wave of GOODNESS which is surrounding the EARTH. Be at one with me and every single soul on Earth at this time. I am your own true MOTHER and I will LOVE you always.

Be the LIGHT of the world, spread that LIGHT to all around you and you will all enter the KINGDOM of HEAVEN that is coming to EARTH today.

We send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Harmonious 2022.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 24.12.2021