How Will it be In 5th Density?


Nova Maxx

Sitara and Steve from Golden Age of Gaia: We’ve been told by many channeled entities that Ascension is not necessarily one thing or event.

Sanat Kumara in the Universal Law teachings talks about it being a series of events exactly suited to the individual:

“Not everybody is having simultaneous experience, so that it is not happening at the same speed, shall we say, for everybody.

“And it is also depending on how deeply you are holding that truth and that vision of Who You Are.

“Let us also say, ‘the Event’ as you call it, is still a series of events because you aren’t all working at the same moment in the Now.

“Yes, there is only One moment, but within that moment there is Eternity and Infinity.

“So think of it more as a portal, as an activation, as a series of events.” (1)

Steve now: Not only a series of events horizontally, so to speak; that is, for the whole population. But a series of events vertically; that is, for each person in gradual steps.

The author of this piece, though they reference the singularity at the end, appear to be describing Ascension itself.

We post this, not because we regard it as a description of the way that you yourself may experience this event.   It’s one person’s experience and vision of it and I think everyone’s will be different, suited to them.

Meanwhile, we expect an event not quite as deep and powerful as the one the author seems to be describing. It’s being called a singularity, heart opening, ring of fire, wave of love, etc., and it’s one milestone on the road to Ascension.

If you wish to get an idea of progressive depth of experience, compare this author’s description of the event he went through with mine of my heart opening. Same genre. Digging in the same place. But he’s dug deeper. (2)

I believe the singularity that we’re expecting to be equivalent to a fourth-chakra heart opening. Ascension itself, which he seems to be describing, is also a heart opening, but a full and permanent one, beyond the chakra system, and is liberation from birth and death.

It seems clear that the author is speaking from personal knowledge of the Fifth Dimension. Their constructions, which I believe reflect personal inclinations, have been left the way they intended.


During The Final Event,

A Day We Cannot In Any Way Expect,

There Will Occur A Solar Flare,

Stronger Than All The Previous,

A Solar Mass Ejection So PowerFul,

The Ones Who Will Be Awakened

Will See An Enormous Mass Of Golden Plasma, a Wave Arriving First At Low Speed, Then Speeding Up As It Gets Closer And Closer.

Once It Will Hit The MagnetoSphere, It Will Turn Purple, Blue, Green, Pink, And Many Tones Of Colors You Have Never Seen In Any Of Your 3D Experiences.

It Will Engulf The Whole Planet In A Matter Of 10-20 Seconds.

Once The Plasma Will Touch Each Of Us, Everyone Will Have a Unique, UnImaginable Bliss Reunion With The Source, As Everyone Has Been Prepared Individually For Each Of Their Unique And Personal Climaxes.

Imagine, Arriving At The Peak, The Reunion Not Only With The Source, But Also Remembering In A Blink Of An Eye, The Many Thousands, Up To Billions Of Lives – Not Only On Earth – For The Deliverance Of HuMan Kind,

Also Of The Many Lived In Different Star-Systems And Galaxy, Even Different Universes For Some.

Each Will Be Granted To The Level Of DNA Activation Proportional To His or Her Own Experiences And Wisdom.

Time Will Stop, As Only Less Then A Second Will Pass, And Yet You Will Feel Like It Had Lasted So Long You Almost Forgot Your Earth Life,

Forgot That You Are Still Here On Earth…

The Intensity Will Be Such That It Will Be A Total Death Experience. [sic]  The Pineal Gland Will Secrete A Large Amount Of DMT [the God molecule]. You Will See All And Know All That Will Change You ForEver.

Going Back Into Your Body, You Will Notice That You See with Eyes Closed, Still Feel That Euphoric Bliss Of OneNess. You Will Open Your Eyes And Everything Will Be Changed. Your Body Will Be 2 Feet Taller. Your Skin Will Be Radiating Light With A More Golden Tone.

You Will Be So Light, Weighing Around 10Kg, Able To Jump Many Meters With Ease, Run Faster Then A Horse, Stronger Then A Gorilla.

Your Skin And Whole Body Will Be Practically Indestructible.

With Practice, You Will Easily Levitate, Teleport, Bend Light/Matter, Control Space-Time, And Even Create, Using The Ether, AnyThing You Can Visualize.

You Will See Thousands Of Tones Within Each Color, And Many Colors You Never Thought You Would See In Your Lifetime,

The Colors Will Have Their Own Consciousness, Their Own Emotions.

There Will Be Sacred Geometrical Art Over Every Surfaces You Look At.  EveryThing Will Breathe And Be Alive In A Way That You Will Feel Every Bit Of Matter Breathing And Living Around You AnyWhere You Are.

Your Blood Will Be Of Plasma Light And Your Organs Will Be Greatly Upgraded. Specifically The Lungs, Which Will Absorb A new Type Of Extremely More Potent Oxygen WHICH Will Give Your Breath The Power Of 144 000.

Each Breath Of Plasma Air Will Feel Like Pure Bliss.

Also Controlling The Elements Of Life Will Be Common.  Fairies, Dragons, Elementals, Angelic Beings, And All Our Galactic Angelic Families Of Light Will Be There To Greet Each Of You,

More Personally The Soul Families That You Last Left Before Leaving For The Duty of Earth [will meet you?]. A Peace That Cannot Be Explained In HuMan Words.

Animals Will Also Be UpGraded As Well As Plants, Growing 1000 Times Faster Than In 3rd Density.

There Will Be No Memory Of Any Suffering, Pain, Sorrow, Resentment, Guilt. Nothing Will Miss You In Any Way, It Will Feel Like All Those Past Lives On Earth in Duality Never Really Happened, Like It Was Just The Dream Of A Night, Waking Up From It And Feeling Distant From It.

Your Memory Will Be Back, as If It Never Left You The Entire Time.

Then Everyone Will Have The FreeWill To Choose His Next Experience And Create His Dreams, Dreams That Can Not Be Conceived Totally In This Density. It Will Be A Chance For Each Of Us To Experience A New Octave Of Evolution In 5th Density With A Soul Experience Of 5-9th Densities.

A Chance To Live An Incarnation In Which The Darkness has Been Fully Conquered. Never Before Has It Occurred In The Cosmos, And We Are The Children Of Light Who Managed To Incarnate In The Last Pit Of Hell, Illuminating To The Depth Of The Darkness, Until There Was Only Light.

There Will Be No Cataclysm, No World-Wide Fire, No Planetary Disruption. It Is The Most Magic Miracle That Will Have Ever Occurred In The Universe. The Moment Of Singularity.

All Of You Who Read This,

We Will Meet At The Reunion,

Until Then I Hug You With Love And Joy, We Love You So!
Nova Maxx


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