THE DECEPTION THAT MANKIND IS MORTAL AND SINFUL - Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - November 2021

Good day to you our dear Lightworkers on planet earth in this November of 2021.  We are very pleased to connect with you.  We understand what a complicated time this is that you are living in.

All of your human life you have been programmed.  Programmed to be attentive to others.  Programmed to ignore your own needs, to be subservient to those around you.

And now, as you are waking to your divine reality, so many of you are feeling alone and lonely.  You are understanding that you never belonged, you never could comprehend how the human paradigm, the human thought system worked.

You were of a higher frequency.    While your brethren were fearful and jealous of each other, you were an empath.  Love was your driver.

You are hurting because you volunteered to come to earth and have your souls ensconced in a human body to help those souls who were caught in the round of reincarnation.

The negative programming they had received put them at a very low vibration.  They were in frequency the lowest of low in the universe, living in fear.  And yet they are also the highest of the high.  For each and every human chose to take on this mortal, this challenging, this upside down third dimensional experience.

And, in so doing they belittled themselves.  They put a part of their immortal, magnificent souls into human bodies, that would allow them to experience evil, that would allow them to be hurt, to feel the separation and division, the discord that does not exist in our true heavenly reality.
How wonderful is this.  That divine beings should come to earth to eat of the tree of good and evil, to experience contrast through feeling fear.  For they knew that this contrast would expand the totality of the knowledge and comprehension of the universe.

Yes, that is what human beings really are.  They are divine beings, ensconced in human bodies believing that they are little and small, and must obey authority, believing that they are sinful.

And thus they were imprisoned in negative, programmed thought systems.  And as their thoughts created their reality, so they became poor in health, poor in abundance, poor in homelessness and relationships.

They lost touch with their intuition, their divine understanding, their divinity within.

And so, what was to be done.  The planet earth schoolroom is designed to go through cycles as the world, in its travels, passes through the universe. The end of this cycle was at hand.  It was time for the great awakening.

And so the call went out in heaven.  Earth was in trouble.  Earth needed help.  Would you please volunteer to be a human and bring your great light, your wonderful radiance to lift the vibration of the third dimensional, fear filled earthly paradigm.

And so, dear wonderful ones, you volunteered to come here.  Can you imagine the pain, the hurt, the humiliation you have been through?  Oh how you flailed about trying to understand.  Your divine soul knew who you were.

Yet your human self did not.  Your human self hurt so much.  You came from divinity, from love, into this human sphere of separation, blame and shame.

You thought that all around you were sincere and loving and honest as you were.  Not so.  They felt better because they could belittle and control you

And all this was as it should be for you could not  help mankind without understanding how painfully he had been programmed and how much in fear he was.

And so you were born to suffer.  For it was only by suffering the terror and trauma of the third dimensional existence that you could then help them out of their entrenched programming.

And dear ones, you are still suffering.  Many of you are still experiencing anxiety and fear.  This is necessary for you to ascend.

Nothing wrong ever happened, or is happening now.  You have agreed to be deeply programmed into fear and shame and guilt by the narcissists around you.  Now you are in the great awakening.

The great awakening is the awakening of mankind to his divinity.  The great revelation is the realization that mankind has been deceived into believing that he is  a mortal, sinful creature who deserve blame and guilt.

The apocalypse is the crumbling of mankind’s own individual negatively, programmed thought system.  And the crumbling of the corrupt world control system.

One cannot change things until one sees how they need to be changed, until one sees where love is missing from the paradigm.  Until one sees where evil has spread its wicked tentacles.

And this is happening to you now. This is why you are still suffering for you are letting go of your programming.  You are releasing your fears that were heaped upon you as you have lived through your earthly life.

All is well, for this is how you planned your life on planet earth.  And so dear ones,  just breathe, just be, just be the loving, divine empaths that you are.  You are not too sensitive as you have been told.  Your sensitivity allows you to feel for and empathize with your fellow humans.

You now see the the fear, the terror and trauma that they have fallen into.  Do not disparage them, love them.

For they are all, as you are, divine souls, ensconced in human bodies having a human experience.  Love them, not for their ego expressions but as the divine souls they are. Love the divinity within them – and the divinity within you.

The time is fast approaching where you can help.  For now, having lived the human life, you understand their programmed pain and negativity.

Magnificent time are ahead for you.  Your current suffering is but the last necessary letting go of mind control.  Letting go of the teachings of hurt and guilt and shame.

You chose to be the teachers.  And teachers must be educated to understand their task.  By being here on earth, with your high vibrating holy nature, you are raising the frequency of the earth and helping humanity rise above the third dimensional, fear frequency.

Love is your nature.  The flowing, the knowing, the glowing of love is who you are.  You radiate waves of love around you.  Just be, just breathe. You may feel alone for a little while yet.
And yet know that this too will surely pass.  Love your earthly life.  Enjoy every moment of feeling, of sensing, of tasting, of touching.  For souls love to come to earth for just this sensation experience that cannot be had in heaven.  This earthly life is just a blip in your immortal soul journey.

Know that, indeed, the best is yet to come.  Yes indeed, the best is yet to come as mankind and planet earth move out of fear and return to love.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.