Age-old is this battle between the dark and the light!


The human race began in the Lyran star system approximately 40 million years ago. We were a peace-loving civilization and thrived primarily on agriculture and artistic pursuits. Life was peaceful, harmonious, and beautiful. We lived in balance with nature and there was plentiful abundance to be shared amongst the people.

One day the Alpha Draconis race came to visit the Lyran star system and were quite impressed with its abundance of food and natural resources. The Alpha Draconians were an advanced warrior race with heavy military-grade space ships. They proved their dominance over the Lyrans, who were basically defenseless, by attacking first. They destroyed three out of fourteen planets in the Lyran star system. Planets Bila, Teka, and Merck were destroyed with over 50 million humans killed in an instant. This was the beginning of the age-old struggle between humans and reptilians.

The Draconians are the oldest race in this universe and came here approximately 4 billion years ago. They originate from a parallel dimension and no one knows with certainty how they crossed over into our realm of existence. They believe that because they were the first ones in this universe, everything in this universe belongs to them and that they are the royal rulers of this universe.

The Draconians have conquered many races, destroyed many planets, and have even genetically altered many life forms for nefarious purposes. The Orion and Rigel star systems are their primary base of operations as that is where these reptilian races are primarily located. They are a service to self-consciousness who like to dominate weaker civilizations with the use of their advanced weaponry and technology. They are a ‘Service to Self’ negative-oriented species who choose fear over love.

They do not uphold the free will of other beings and believe that other races are less fortunate and deserve to be enslaved. Similar to the depiction in the movie '300', the reptilian mother will abandon her offspring to fend for themselves. If they survive, they are raised by the warrior class who abuse the children for games and amusement to make them tougher. This results in the children losing all sense of moral boundaries at an early age and they become emotionless and cold towards others. They have the ability to inflict pain with no remorse.

The current race of reptilians who controlled planet Earth in the previous age are descendants of these Draconians. They have an innate mistrust of the human race and believe that this solar system belongs to them. They have cleverly subverted the law of free will by manipulating humanity in such a way that we willingly give up our free will and allow them to control us through shadow governments. They were attempting to take complete control over planet Earth but have now been stopped by the intervention of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation is an interplanetary association that was set up to intervene when universal laws were being violated. The current drama that is playing out on planet earth is the culmination of an epic battle that has been taking place between the forces of the light and dark for millennia. Fortunately for us, humanity has been freed of reptilian control and will be reclaiming our sovereign right over planet Earth for ages to come.

Warmongering, fear and control are simply the results of a wounded consciousness. Unfortunately, there are some races like the Draco-Reptilians that have been cut off from God Source for so long that there is not even a sliver of light left in their souls.

May all beings in this universe realize that when we choose to co-exist in peace and harmony, there are more than enough resources that can provide for us all. Universal abundance abounds this galaxy.

I hope this helped to shed some light on the kind of beings we have been dealing with and why things got so dark on our planet, especially over the past 25,000 years.

With Love,