No Chance of Nuclear War

By Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia on October 12, 2021

I repost this article from 2016 to allay fears of a nuclear confrontation between the USA and China – no matter how much it looks like things are going that way.

“No Chance of Nuclear War,” September 6, 2016, at

Rumors of a nuclear World War III persist but will a world war be allowed to happen? And need it be a factor in our considerations of building Nova Earth?

Those of us who know that the planet is surrounded and protected by intergalactic federations of light know that Armageddon will never happen.

The matter has been discussed for years now in the channeled literature that our star family uses to communicate with us.  They’ve prevented many attempted uses of nuclear weaponry.

Anyone who listens to their messages will have heard their assurances that the Divine will not permit the hostile use of nuclear weapons on this planet or in space.  These discussions are not less germane with the passage of time. Let’s look at some of them.

Matthew Ward is one of the more informative of our sources on the question. On June 19 of this year (2016), he assured us that the command to prevent nuclear explosions in space comes from Creator:

“Concerns about countries developing, modernizing or expanding nuclear capabilities have prompted questions about our assurance that there won’t be a nuclear war—if not by intention, what about a rash reaction to faulty communication or some accident?

“The assurance we gave, which covers the realm of possibilities, comes from Creator. Souls have been damaged by nuclear explosions in space, and in decreeing that never again will that happen, Creator made this sole exception to Its gift of free will: Anyone who attempts such an explosion will be prevented from succeeding.

“In this universe God authorized all spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations to cause detonation failure of nuclear warheads on launched missiles, and, on behalf of Earth alone, this has been accomplished about a dozen times.” (1)

The cabal planned to reduce the population from 7 billion to a more manageable 500 million by starting a nuclear war, Mike Quinsey says:

“The ‘silent war’ over who controls the Earth and its people is coming to an end very soon, and you will be relieved to know that the threat hanging over your heads has been removed.

“To be prisoners on your own planet would have been bad enough, but plans had been made to drastically reduce the population. Some of you have learnt who is responsible and in time all will be revealed to everyone so that you understand what had been planned for your future. …

“However, the Hierarchy of Light have kept a constant watch over you all and ensured that matters did not get out of control.” (2)

In 2021, we are now in the midst of one the deep state’s plans to depopulate the planet – a pandemic virus and toxic vaccine. But others – as you can see – have been on the table.

Four years ago, in 2012, SaLuSa of Sirius, speaking for the Galactic Federation of Light through Mike Quinsey, described how attempts to explode nuclear bombs had been tried and failed:

“Although attempts have been made to start another World War, they have failed and will continue to do so. …

”Our technology is such that we have total control over what happens…. Authorities have been informed that we will not allow nuclear weapons to be used, and that we are opposed to any form of aggression.

“It is therefore quite pointless to continue war games, and take part inll of the posturing that inflames the situation. Our patience is running out and if matters do not improve, we shall use our authority to bring a halt to all attempts to engage in warlike moves.” (3)

He revealed that some cabal military commanders were pressing for nuclear weapons to be used:

“Often we are forced into such a position when our orders are ignored, and we only give them where we are authorized to intervene. On most occasions it is when nuclear weapons are about to be used, and all of your governments have been warned that we will not allow it to happen.

“Believe us, Dear Ones, some of your military commanders are still intent on using them to start another war.” (4)

However, nothing has changed since 2012 regarding the promise of our star brothers and sisters. Their promise is not something they make one day and forget the next. They continue to patrol our skies and will until the threat has passed with Ascension.

Not only the galactics, but the celestials as well have offered their assurances. Here’s Archangel Michael:

“Now once again upon your planet, as this is transpiring, there is a threat of reaction, of war. Now, we want you to know, it is very, very seldom, rare – because of our agreements and because of Universal Law – that we interfere in such matters.

“But we wish to suggest to you, very strongly, that as this reorganization globally takes place, that was marked so beautifully by revolution and evolution in so many countries, it will not be allowed to deteriorate back into war.

“You and I, and many in every realm have worked too long and too hard. We are too close to that breakthrough to allow that interference to occur.” (5)

Thus no one need fear that anything like World War III will break out on the planet. It won’t be allowed by forces much more powerful and benign than we are. The impetus towards the consciousness shift is too great for it to be derailed by any actions of the recalcitrants.

A revolution of love and peaceful co-existence is fated to arise on Earth within the foreseeable future. And those most responsible for it are not even deemed to exist by most people on Earth (celestials and ascended masters).

What a surprise is in store for us when we meet the star humans who’ve prevented this planet from being destroyed from nuclear pollution, oil spills, chemtrails, manmade earthquakes and hurricanes, and world war.


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