COVID Doesn’t Even Exist in Fully Normal Sweden, While Deaths Are Skyrocketing in Fully Vaccinated Israel

Sweden has basically told the Branch Covidians to go to hell, and the result is that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is basically non-existent. Meanwhile in Israel, one of the most “fully vaccinated” countries in the world, the death toll is skyrocketing.

The latest data shows that the death rate in the “Promised Land” is going parabolic as Israelis get injected with two, three, and soon to be four Chinese Virus needles. In Sweden, on the other hand, where natural immunity reigns supreme, life is pretty much back to pre-covid normal.

How can this be if Fauci Flu shots are what is supposed to save us all from testing “positive?” The answer is simple: The shots are a fraud. Fortunately for Swedes, this is common knowledge. Unfortunately for Israel, Australia, the United States and other heavily compromised countries, it is a constant fight for health freedom with no end in sight.

On October 4, Sweden completely lifted the few minor restrictions it still had in place, which were minor compared to what other countries are doing. Life there is quite literally back to normal, and the data charts show that public health is better than ever.

Conversely, Israel, which has become a medical police state hell, is seeing hospitalizations and deaths soar to record highs.


Be like Sweden, not Israel

Just prior to when its final remaining restrictions were lifted, cases in Sweden were about nine percent of the country’s peak and falling. Only 41 infections per 100,000 people had been recorded, and more than likely a bulk of them were asymptomatic.

Nearby Denmark axed its last remaining restrictions as well, and is similarly seeing a massive decline in the number of new cases of the Chinese Virus.

It would appear as though the restrictions themselves were largely responsible for people falling ill and dying. It turns out that remaining isolated and blocking your breathing holes with Chinese plastic is not exactly good for health and well-being, which the left has still not figured out.

In fact, leftists everywhere are doubling down in support of covid fascism, which has become something of an accessory to these people as they trot around showing off their latest face mask designs and vaccine passport holders.

This sickening display of worship towards “science” would not even be worth mentioning were it not being ramrodded down the throats of others. Think Roman Catholic crusade, covid style.

Covidism really is a religion, and one that Sweden and Denmark have decided is not for them. Unfortunately for the West, it is rapidly becoming a convert or die situation where the apostles of Covidism are demanding full allegiance to covid gods in order to live.

“Most don’t know that Israel runs like a collectivist country,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press. “It has no rules limiting government, but look how voting never gets it anywhere, not ever – same old status quo. Guess the Almighty has chosen them to be the example of man’s folly.”

“Sweden has one of the lowest death rates per million,” wrote another. “Shouldn’t it have the highest rate since it didn’t lock down? Half of America is vaccinated and almost that many got covid ANYWAY, even with the lockdowns. All this crap needs to just end. It has nothing to do with any virus.”

**By Ethan Huff - Source