Matt Kahn: There is SO much to be learned from....


Dear Friend,

As humans, we may tend to judge those we haven’t learned from. Equally so, there is much to be learned from those being judged. While it doesn’t have to be a lesson of agreement based on the content of beliefs, values, choices, or perceptions, such lessons are always rooted in learning how to respect the innocence, divinity, and diversity of all. This teaching celebrates equality, inclusivity, and acceptance. It invites a greater depth of respect and diplomacy in both our most casual and heated responses -- even when others cloak in judgment, even when others reject as a way of hiding from the fear of rejection, even when boundaries are employed, even when distance is required, and even when helping to deliver the unconscionable actions of others into the light of justice.

While respect and diplomacy remain life’s eternal peacekeeper, there is not one single issue that has been resolved on this planet or any personal course correction from harming others to healing self that has occurred as a result of being judged, or being judgmental. This ultimately means you may tend to judge until learning how much more helpful love can be. This occurs by loving yourself more, not less, no matter how confusing, inconsistent, abandoning, or abusive other people have been. When loving ourselves more, not less, we find renewed strength in the depths of hardship, inconceivable joy during uneventful moments, surges of inspiration even when all hope seems lost, and infinite power throughout every breath. From this space of self-love, there is no one to judge, nothing to deny, and everyone to serve with equality, maturity and respect.

Please enjoy every moment of absorbing this teaching, and this whole newsletter.

All For Love,