Judith Kusel: The Great Divine Masterplan for the New Earth is not only on Track, but Indeed Being Fully Implemented


by Judith Kusel


A magnet magnetizes. Thus is consists of a negative and a pole. If you try to cut a magnet in two pieces, because you do not like the negative pole, you will find it does not work.

The whole Omniverse rests on exact Universal Laws. All of Creation is created on the same Universal Laws which govern all life and all existence. All is perfectly balanced. No-thing is out of place.

What is this teaching us?

For every seeming negative thing which happens, for every seeming darkness, it opposite pole is there fully functional – the positive and the light. They balance each other out and in the balancing process, high frequency energy is created, and thus indeed, the balancing act, creates new ENERGY and new vibrational frequency.

We are in the midst of the greatest balancing act, which is indeed adding to the escalating of the New Earth as she now moves fully into the 7th and 9th dimensional state and is fully being tuned into the new position, she will take up in the Milky Way Galaxy. Planet earth was on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, but indeed now is being pulled to towards the center, as indeed she is now realigned to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, as she was originally in the beginning before the Wars of Heavens threw all out of orbit.

I was witnessing an immense cosmic occurrence this morning during my early morning quiet time. I was shown how, the New Earth is anointed, consecrated and how the New Jerusalem is birthed, and indeed the New Cities of Light! The New Earth is pulsating with a vibrancy which defies expression. Her spinal column is fully tuned into the 7th Central Sun of Illumination and indeed the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystalline Pyramid Grids are fully activated and the new Sacred Sites. More than this, I was shown the New Humanity and indeed, the highest state of Unity and Harmony, such as we cannot even imagine right now.

I was shown Lady Gaia, in her new and much higher 9th dimensional state, and indeed moving rapidly to tune into the 11th and higher. She is dancing with joy and indeed is exuberant, vibrant and rejoicing. Beautiful.

The New Earth is indeed the Crown Jewel of Creation!

I was shown how the new mineral and crystal kingdoms are already in place, the new plant, tree, animal life, the new waters, air, ethers, earth, and fires.

The elementals dancing with joy as they anchor in the new life!

Then I asked that all be anointed and sanctified, and it was granted.

I was in tears. Deeply moved. Immensely grateful and overflowing with a sense of awe and wonder, as all this came as a complete surprise. A gift of


The Great Divine Masterplan for The New Earth is not only on track, but indeed being fully implemented!

It is now up to every individual soul to choose where they wish to be: – either to leave the planet entirely or stay in the Old Earth and thus disintegrate with her, or indeed leave all behind, which can only be attained through heart and soul, through total forgiveness and letting go of all shame, blame and guilt, all attachments and all which is still holding one in the old for whatever reasons, conscious or unconscious.

Many souls already have transfigured and indeed have been reborn into the New Earth and thus are holding the energy steady, as the New Golden Age is rising, and are cocreating the New with unconditional love and in perfect balance, harmony, unity and indeed Love.

I have spoken!