The transition to New Earth and how we get there

In this video we channel some of the guidance and visions we have received about the transition to New Earth and how it takes place. We discuss the QFS and the new financial system and how business will operate in New Earth. We talk about our medical industry, the banking industry, the governments, education and how all of this will operate in a new system that is based on the "Service to Others" model vs. the current "service to self" model.

The Starseeds and Lightworkers who are incarnated on Earth right now have been intentionally placed into a lower 3D timeline in order to help create a bride from that old dysfunctional 3D Matrix to the new 5D society we are moving towards. This 5D New Earth is just around the corner and we simply need to visualize it on a daily basis in order to bring it into our physical manifestation.

With Love,

EldoRa and Siman