EUROPA - The Last Battle (New Chapter in Knowledge-Base)

This documentary has blown my mind. It is more than 10 hours long and contains some very dark chapters of our history with some quite graphic content. But when you have managed it all the way through, you will probably not see this world through the same eyes any more. Terms such as "antisemitism" and "holocaust" will get a whole new meaning. Is this documentary telling the Truth? Watch it and then decide for yourself.

Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of the most horrific war in human history. We are today living in the world of the victors of that war and without an objective, rational and balanced view of our history, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes. After World War Two, the victors of the war not only went on to write our history books, but also going so far as to criminalize the mere questioning of the official story’s orthodoxy. The truth is, that our world today can only be understood through a correct understanding of World War II, the forces behind it and the conflicts between Globalism and Nationalism. 

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