Dearest Ones, you are all a part of the One being called GOD, GAIA, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, GREAT SPIRIT, etc, etc. It is time now to realise this and to know how mighty you all are. For centuries you have been so used to thinking of a God who is apart from you in some cloud in the sky. In some ways this has been perpetuated by the dark element to keep you dumbed down, so to speak.

GOD is not some distant being looking down on you, waiting for you to do something wrong and to punish you. GOD is just a name for all that he/she/it encompasses. GOD is LOVE and a part of you and all of us, and as such, every single one of you CAN move mountains. YOU are that great being called GOD, YOU are that great being called GAIA. BELIEVE this Dear Ones and your future will be assured on the planet that YOU call home.

You are all now living in amazing times on EARTH as she ( GAIA ) moves from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension of LOVE and PEACE for all. This is inevitable Dear Ones and this is the perfect time to re-connect with GOD as your Father not in the far distant heaven but within you Dear Ones.

There is a mass awakening on your planet and part of that awakening is that, each and every one of you, will begin to realise your connection to the GOD within you. There is so much for you to learn and grow into this awakening. The EARTH is a beautiful planet that has been partially destroyed by a small minority of uncaring service to self beings. GAIA as a part of GOD too and has endured this for centuries but no more. She has awoken and has begun her restoration.

It is TIME NOW for you all to WAKE UP and know that YOU as a part of GOD can help GAIA in this process of her restoration. Talk to GAIA, talk to her trees, flora and fauna and ask her what you can do to help. Many of you are beginning to see how to help GAIA, even in small ways, restore herself. Do not despair Dear Ones she is very capable of coming back into balance, with or without humans on her soil.

The strange weather patterns you have been seeing recently are just some of the ways that she is able to do this. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Floods, Strong winds and Strange weather patterns are all part of the process. Your seasons are changing. These are challenging times Dear Ones but necessary as GAIA restores herself to a new HEAVEN on EARTH. In the future there will be less extremes of weather as GAIA comes into a harmony of being and humans enjoy more temperate weather patterns. GAIA as a part of GOD also knows every single one of you and is very capable of teaching you how to help her.

There is much going on at this time of Awakening on EARTH. You are beginning to see how a small minority of dark beings have been able to control the Earth and her inhabitants. The so-called virus has awoken many humans to realise how finite their lives can be. Many have looked within and turned to NATURE for help and support in dark times. Much information has been hidden from you in the past but will come back as New or re -remembered. New forms of sustainable energy, new ways of regeneration, new foods, new natural medicines and new ways of using waste will be found if you TALK to GOD and GAIA.

How do you talk to GOD or GAIA, we hear you say.

As always Dear Ones take the time to go within. Sit in the still and silence. Stop being so busy that you cannot hear yourself. Meditate and ask the questions. This is the time. Your soul will find ways to attract your attention if you do not do this. It is time to look after yourself NOW. You need to HEAL yourself for YOU as a way shower will be very much needed in the future to help others less fortunate than yourselves, who have not yet awoken to the GOD within.

Listen not to others who would look down on you with disdain in your belief of the GOD within. Bless them if they do not understand and challenge you. Do not try to dissuade them from their own belief whatever that might be. They are still a part of GOD whether they believe it or not. They too will awaken in time. Bless them, their time will come.

Do not listen to the nay sayers who say that there will soon be a time of darkness on Earth. Yes there may well be a time of darkness for some who do not believe in GOD.

However those of you who have awoken to the GOD within and know what is happening will transition easily into the 5th Dimension. Many of you already have a foot in the 5th Dimension, so to speak. It is just a matter of BELIEF.

It is TIME now to come together in community with your groups, who DO believe in the GOD within, to help GAIA, to change the world, and to ASCEND into the 5th Dimension and to MANIFEST the NEW HEAVEN on EARTH.

And so Dear Ones






Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 31.8.2021