Behold & Embrace Inner & Outer Change by The Andomedans ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley


We are your Andromedan collective and we are joined by a few members of the spiritual high Andromedan Council. We are always honored to connect with you.

You have asked what messages humanity needs to hear at this time. There is much change happening upon your world. Many of these changes are visible. To some extent they are tangible, but there are many more changes that are happening energetically, vibrationally, and at the individual level. As we have mentioned in the past, the process of raising one’s consciousness, or ascension, first begins at the individual level. Once an individual has raised their vibration, their light, and their energy is perpetuated to beautifully impact and affect those around them gradually through the process of energetic osmosis.

This energy, this light, is transmitted across the human collective. But it all begins at the individual level before it can create any kind of transformation and transmutation at a grander and mass level.

Over the past few years, we have seen many, many individuals begin to awaken, to raise their consciousness or expand their consciousness to encompass ideas and theories that they would not have previously entertained. They are now beginning to understand where they fit in the grand scheme of all universal consciousness. They are seeing more clearly how they are connected to each other and to us, your universal brothers and sisters.

We, the Andromedan Council, wish to say that humanity has reached a point where so many individuals are raising their consciousness and their vibration, that we are beginning to see the impacts at an exponential level, across humanity. Like all change, change first occurs and begins with a thought, an idea, or even the decision and the calling to be open, open to new energy, open to new light, to information, to making contact whether it be with your higher self, your inner soul, or your spiritual entourage. What we are seeing at this point, energetically, as we look to humanity’s collective energetic signature is a beautiful upgrade.

Starseeds are Being Activated

There are many who are being ignited and activated. While many, many millions of starseeds have been activated or awakened to their life purpose, their mission, their soul’s calling if you will, there are many others who are being ignited. This is the commencement of their awakening and as such, there are so many individuals who have reached this threshold that it has created a tipping point within the human collective. The human collective is becoming illuminated. And those of you who are awake, who are raising your consciousness, who are beginning to do your soul’s work, it is beginning to enlighten and uplift all those around you.

This inner change is perpetuating outer change. But like all change, it is a change in consciousness. Once this higher, more spiritually-aligned consciousness begins to more fully take hold within individuals, and within groups, nations, and various collectives, you will then begin to see greater changes in your society and in your civilization. This change, like most changes will be gradual, but it will be significant. It will be paced and it will be a change that, for the most part is manageable and adaptable for most humans.

Many are Awakening to their Inner Abilities

These inner changes encompass awakening to one’s own abilities, whether it is one’s clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, or opening up their empathic abilities, their abilities to heal, or to see energies. There are so many abilities and gifts that so many of you are coming into. This can be overwhelming and it will also take time for many of you to adjust to. But make no mistake, these are the gifts that you have chosen to come into this incarnation to help those around you.

How you help others is as varied as the abilities that you each carry and birth. If you do not yet have clarity as to how you are meant to help others, it is likely because it is not time for you to know yet. You will be activated to your life calling and your soul’s purpose when it is in divine timing for you and for universal energies. You must all trust the process. Give yourself the time to awaken, to nurture, and birth these abilities.

This change, as it takes hold within each of you at an individual level, will begin to perpetuate change on the outside. We are referring to change in your collective way of thinking, in how you treat and perceive each other as well as us, your universal brothers and sisters.

You will begin to detach from the complacency that most humans have become so comfortable and familiar with. You will begin to challenge the old ways. And you will more bravely and boldly begin to consider new and different ways of approaching old problems, whether it be environmental issues, poverty, hunger, and disease. Gradually, and over time, you will begin to access solutions and more evolved and advanced technologies that will more fully blend with your higher consciousness in order to bring about the change that you all seek and desire. It is coming our dear ones, you simply need to focus inwardly at this time and be patient.

You must trust that positive change is coming. These changes that will take hold in your civilizations, for some depending on your perspective, on your viewpoint, it may feel disruptive. However, when anything feels disruptive, it is simply an invitation for you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. See it from a new lens or a much broader angle. You will see that although some of these changes may feel mildly disruptive and it may lead to some temporary uncertainty, in time, you will all come to see more clearly. And you will come to fully benefit and reap the benefits of these beautiful changes. They will occur in your political, societal, and environmental spheres, as well as in health care and education.

Starseed Missions

All of the starseeds upon your beautiful world now have come with a mission. There is no mission that is more important than any other. You all play an equally valuable role. We tell you this not to place any pressure on you, but quite to the contrary, to inspire and encourage you. For there are many lightworkers who feel that they are not doing enough. We are here to remind you, our dear friends, that your mere presence alone is more than enough for your light, your energy, your vibration, and your gifts are a great gift to humanity — and to the world at large.

So there will be many changes in the weeks, months, years, and decades to come. Embrace them, for there can be no progress without change, and there cannot be change without an undoing of the old.

You are at this time at the early stages of the dissolution of the old ways, and a slow but steady rebuilding of the new way that will pave the foundation towards a far brighter and peace-filled future for humanity. And from our standpoint, our dear ones, you have nothing to fear. You have so much to embrace and to look forward to.

Trust that we stand by you energetically with light and love. You are protected. You are being guided in so many more ways than you are aware of.

Blessings to you from your Andromedan friends