EMBRACE PEACE AND JOY - Highest Council of Light Through Penni Moore


Greetings light beings! May we begin by advising that all is unfolding as planned, over these next few days, weeks, and months. For sure the earth is changing along with all of creation, and you are being recalibrated to meet the demands of future evolvement.

This is a beautiful and creative time on our planet. Rest assured the right people and entities are in place, and they are carrying out the procedures that need to be taken care of, at this time. Step back and look at the bigger picture each time you are confronted with and introduced to the changes and situations occurring around your global communities. All, as you know is in divine order and no step or piece of the puzzle is left out. Each step leads to the next, and each step must be achieved before proceeding forward.

Rampant Chaos and Fear Playing Out On The Planet

Certainly, there is considerable chaos and fear rampant on the planet, right now, but may we say, you will be surprised, over time, as to how quickly the population, for the most part, accepts these coming changes with open arms. Structures and systems needed to fall away to make room for the new. So much deceit and suppression has been going on for millennia on your planet. May we say that a lot of the lightworkers and starseeds on the planet are doing their part remaining calm and shining their light. We ask that all of you continue to remain in a state of calmness, utilizing so much patience and understanding to assist those who are in great distress. Try your best to ease their anxiety and fear. There is so much uncertainty and behind the scenes events and situations going on, but it is all in the name of change. All of this is change for the betterment of humanity.

Do Your Research

This channel is spending time on research of her own, and listening to some of the digital warriors who are explaining what is taking place, in order to effect the changes that are greatly needed. Her research is to understand what is truly going on, so that she can assist others with the transitions currently taking place, and obtaining an idea of what is to come. She is doing this from a level of form perspective and through assistance coming from the spiritual realms, as well.

As to the Event/Solar Flash, the time is not quite at hand, as so much must occur before this momentous event can take place. Again, divine timing is at play here. So much of humanity must be at a certain vibrational frequency as a collective. You will be so surprised how quickly people adapt to the changes coming. There will always be some strife, fear and uncertainty heading into the newness of it all, but people can adapt quickly if need be.

As to your higher vibrational partners coming forward, remember they too have their lessons and evolvement to maneuver through, at the very same time you are navigating your ascension. All has to be in alignment. May we assure you all, your partners are close at hand and have been in your orbits for quite some time now. May we ask you to continue moving forward healing your bodies and taking care of yourselves, so that when the time comes you are truly ready for union. Your consistent confidence, joy and serenity will be an indicator of the proximity of union at hand. So, no worries please stay in peace and continue to move forward in your lives.

As to your mission moving forward, some of you are still in the preparatory phase working toward your goals, that were scripted prior to embodiment. There are certain parameters that must be in place for subsequent events and situations to unfold. It is imperative to realize that nothing occurs before it’s time, right down to the most minute detail. You will get an idea of a timeline as you monitor your own progress and know in your heart the fundamentals are being reached. Your intuition will give you hints as each step is achieved along the way. Truly there is no sense in worrying about what you are to do, or even when you are to do it. Remember, ideas and inspiration flow through you from Source. May we suggest you just sit back, so to speak, and allow the divine to flow through you. There is no urgency. Things will happen when they are supposed to. Your only job is to do your part.

Change is Occurring on Planet Earth

We would like to point out that what is occurring in your individual countries within your governments is a lot of progression work into a very large agenda, that is to heal what is broken in your governing systems, on all levels. The positive changes coming in are like a breath of fresh air – fully oxygenated to enhance all of mankind. Your lives, for sure, will never be the same, and we ask that all of you embrace these changes, and be grateful to all those beings who are front runners affecting all changes. These people came into embodiment to do exactly what is taking place on your planet, at this time.

Over the last few years human consciousness has really “stepped up to the plate”, if you will, and awakened, due to galactic downloads and incoming light. It is like a beacon of light has switched on all over the planet. Now how amazing is that? Realize that there will still be some darkness on the planet, but that too will be diminished dramatically over time! You might say, “these are the best of times and the worst of times”, all wrapped into one. But may we say, what is to come is refreshing for all of humanity!

What we are asking of you, is to stay in peace and joy. Spread your light, and assist others, as they will benefit from your light and knowledge. Remember knowledge is light. You are moving into a paradigm shift that has been a long time coming, and we want you to feel at ease with all that is to come. Those in the spiritual realms are on standby awaiting to guide all of you. This is our mission, and we are waiting to assist you. Those of you who are in constant communication with the higher realms, like this channel, please do assist others with their anguish and uncertainty, in their time of need. Humanity needs to know that assistance is always available. All that is required is that you ask. This is all part of humanity’s free will, and as time goes by all of you will understand this concept. Spirituality is communing with the higher realms, and it will be a constant for so many of you moving forward. All of you instinctively know how to proceed.

Step forward with peace and joy in your hearts, as the light is certainly shining brightly!