Dearest Ones many of you have fought long and hard for your FREEDOM in this time of uncertainty. You may be wondering when all of the tyranny that you are experiencing will be over. You maybe wondering when the division that you maybe feeling from your own friends or families, caused by the dark side, will be over. Your FAITH maybe wavering, you maybe tired of the fight, you maybe thinking of giving up but we are here to console, guide and give you HOPE for the future. It may appear to you to the contrary but the battle is WON, Dear ones.

Much is going on behind the scenes of which you may not be aware. We are here to tell you that, whatever may be written or said in the Main media, ALL IS WELL and that you have nothing to Fear. All of the Fear is just an illusion created by the dark side as they begin to realise that they are losing control of you. They have held you in a matrix of lies and deceit for thousands of years and many of you are stepping out of this matrix now and once OUT there is no going back.

You are all SOVEREIGN beings and GOD is in charge. He/She will not let you down. He/She knows exactly who you are, as every single one of you, has that GOD spark within you. You are POWERFUL beings and you are ALL transitioning from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above. This has been known by the dark side for eons and they now know that their time is UP. What you are seeing is the last vestige of their control as they see their so called Power slipping away from them. Every single day more and more souls are awakening from their slumbers and realising that this control is just an ILLUSION.

The chains, that have been surrounding you, are slipping away as you begin to realise your own SOVEREIGN Power. These chains are really of your own making as no one can imprison you without your soul's consent. Remember each and every one of you has a soul that wishes to be FREE to experience life on Earth in their own time and space and no other soul has the right to interfere with this FREEDOM.

The ONE has allowed an experiment to take place on Earth whereby souls were challenged in this respect by another alien race on the planet. However this experiment is now OVER. GAIA has decreed that humanity must return to it's original intention of working WITH her to create a HEAVEN on EARTH that was interrupted many eons ago by this alien race.

This race is now being told to LEAVE the planet, in no uncertain terms, and to continue their own development in another realm. The benevolent so called "aliens" of which SIRIUS is a part are overseeing this exodus. SIRIUS is a part of the Galactic Federation of "alien" races who are with you as you transition to the 5th Dimension. The word "alien" is such a misnomer, however, as WE are your own Dear friends and families. We have been watching over you for eons of your time even when you did not know who or what we were.

Look to the skies Dear Ones and you may see us. In your quiet times you may feel or hear us as we whisper our support and guidance to you. You were the brave ones who volunteered to come down to Earth to take part in this mission. You are being applauded each and every single day for what you have done to help GAIA ascend to a new way of being. You are the LIGHTWORKERS who are freeing the world. You may feel alone at times but Dear Ones you are never, ever alone. We are, and always have been, with you in your times of need.

TRUST and BELIEVE that the future is YOURS to MANIFEST. DREAM your new world into existence Dear Ones and all of the darkness will soon disappear. Have FAITH and TRUST that this will be so. YOU are the POWERFUL ONES who can make this NEW HEAVEN on EARTH happen.

Go out into Nature and talk to GAIA, ask her how you can help her to clear the darkness from her depths. She is a POWERFUL being in her own right and is now throwing off the darkness within her. She will guide you on how to live in symbiosis with Nature. There is much to be found in Nature for you all to survive. There are many plants and foods still to be found which can help you to thrive and to heal any disease.

You are all coming together in your communities of LIGHT and these communities will be the way of the future. No one person will be above another as you all work together for a better future for humanity and the Earth.

New self-sustaining technologies will be found that work in harmony with Nature instead of against her. A New energy from the Earth which does not destroy Nature will be re-found as all others which harm Nature will disappear. Natural healing modalities will come back to the fore to complement scientific improvements in Medicine and Surgery which actually HEAL instead of harming the Mind, Body and Spirit. This will not be in some far distant future but is happening NOW behind the scenes and will soon be shown to the world.

And so Dear Ones the FREEDOM is yours to take back into your own hands. Own your FREEDOM now and do not let others take it away from you again.

Your own FREEDOM is to be cherished. The TIME is NOW. WAKE UP and TAKE BACK your FREEDOM.

As always we send you much Love and many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 24.7.2021