James Gilliland: The Art of Division


We want to talk about the microcosm and macrocosm of division as well as the origins. At ECETI it is coming to a head, has had several repeat performances yet this is only the microcosm of the macrocosm. As the energies increase which is demonstrated by the Schumann Resonance spikes, increase in CME’s and Solar Flares along with our solar system moving into a highly energized place in space it is going to bring up all wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences. This includes grudges individually and collectively within different cultures, religions and nations. There are levels to resistance to healing. One level is the pain is too deep, too hard to face. Another level is moving into blame, projection and denial. This is in the realm of spiritual ego which if unchecked becomes narcistic behavior which is very hard to come back from. It is the last trap for the masters. In all cases the origins are from either childhood trauma, abandonment issues or not getting the attention you needed as a child.  In others cases it is coming from past life wounds which expressed in its worst-case scenario as tyranny. At the core of every tyrant is a wounded little child. These wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions or grudges individually or collectively are the chinks in the armor, what the dark forces use to manipulate and create division. There is a thing called evil genius. These unseen negative influences are clever often know you better than you know yourself and will use friends, family and lovers to trigger division. 
So, what is the antidote? Unity, Personal Responsibility for one’s attitudes and emotions. Loving detachment and avoiding the need to be right. Needing to be right pulls you right in to the fight and gathering others around your need to be right for validation also creates division only on a grander scale. Self-righteousness that stems from spiritual ego or narcissism are usually the attributes of the leaders of division. They will gather as many people around them to validate their position yet it all goes back to division, wounds, traumas, spiritual ego or narcissism.
The division necromancer has many faces but the way to avoid it is to heal the chinks in your armor, the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, the triggers and doorways used by unseen negative influences to create division. This takes brutal honesty with self and others. 
We are being divided by color, race, culture, religion, governments, let’s not forget the global elite and anyone else desiring dominance and control individually and globally. The more the desire for dominance and control, the darker the forces seen and unseen. This is being expressed now with extreme censorship, trespass on the rights of the individual, social engineering to the point where people will participate in their own enslavement and demise. Many believe they are special, are secure by following the dictates of the dictators, the corporate owned news and social media fully embedded in social consciousness. The Georgia guide stones and the goals and agendas of the global elite clearly state they want 13 out of 14 people dead, gone, off the planet. To think that does not include you is extreme denial.  
In order to fight this tyranny, we are going to have to unite. We are going to have to live according to Universal Law. We are going to have to set aside personal, religious, cultural, and national grudges and make first and foremost the big fish. Don’t get distracted by the little fish. Do not fall for the division game. Yes, there were atrocities in the past, on a much lighter scale some continue yet we need to forgive and release the past focusing on the bigger picture. This will insure these atrocities never happen again. We need to gain the wisdom from the past, release the emotional charge, let it settle into the soul as wisdom so as not to repeat the experience. Tyranny has followed the same playbook throughout history. Division is the key weapon to turn everyone against each other. Divide the races, the families, the religions, genders, disempowering everyone by calling them victims, create opposing belief systems. They fulfill their dark agendas by twisting the truth, giving you 80% facts then steering you with their 20% falsehoods to redirect and get you on board their agenda. A good example is pushing socialism, freebees is the bait to centralize all the power and control into the hands of an arrogant, narcistic few. In truth these few are controlled by malevolent unseen negative influences. The reason why there is so much inhumanity on the planet is because of nonhuman interference. 
Almost all genocidal tyrants were socialistic dictators. Know your history, know the plans of the global elite, know how they divide and conquer. Learn how to heal unseen negative influences and maintain your self- authority.  They are the 1% and it is time for the 99% to awaken, rise up and unite. 
If you want to unite around something Unite around Universal Law. It is written into the heart of hearts of all humanity. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. Let’s put an end to tyranny, the war and disease profiteers. This is a multidimensional war between Good and Evil. Turning a blind eye in denial of these polarities is not enlightenment. Enlightenment is being aware of both sides of the coin, light, dark, good, evil and shades of grey in between.
Let’s focus our energies on peace, healing and the restoration of Earth. Mend the broken arrows, the sacred hoop and behave as if the Creator in all Creation matters. 
“If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good.”
Ancient Cherokee Wisdom. 
James Gilliland