LIGHTWORKERS, HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - July 2021

In this July of 2021, we are very pleased to connect with you. How are you feeling our dear ones, our dear representatives on planet earth? What is your predominant emotion in this time of the great revelation, in this confusing great awakening experience?

Most of this human life that you are now living, has been dedicated to the third dimensional, low vibrating world of fear. That is the experience that planet earth has provided for its inhabitants. Fear has been your predominant feeling in the early part of your life.

This earthly journey, this material planet earth realm, was set up by Divinity, so that aspects of itself could experience other that what can be known in the everlasting, eternal and Divine heavenly reality that is the true inheritance of the aspects of God that we are.

God, love, Source Energy is all that is. It is a flowing, a glowing, a knowing electromagnetic energy, an all encompassing power which is beyond human comprehension.

It is an energy which contains within it everything that is in the spirit and material realm. It is the love that is the universe and that powers the universe, the power that energizes the material realm. It is energy that can be transmuted into form.

And the goal of this Divine love, the objective of the universe is to expand. Our God, the flow of love that is God, thirsts for knowledge, has an inherent desire for experience, to know all things, to comprehend all possibilities.

And we human beings, we bodies, we biological programmable computers have an aspect of God, a spark of the Divine, embedded within our human hearts.

In our heavenly existence, as Spirits without the heaviness and limitation of a body, we are in the flow of the oneness of heaven. We are all united, we are telepathic, we are in bliss, in ecstasy, in that flow of Divine love, as we commune together.

God is the ocean that encompasses all that is. We are as drops of water in that Ocean of God consciousness. And, as such, all that God is, is available to us in our Divine reality.

We can access the akashic records, the massive cosmic compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present or future for all life forms. And so divine wisdom is ours and all knowledge is open to us.

And yet here on earth, our comprehension is tightly limited for we are in a very low vibration. And we. ourselves, chose to come here. For experiencing life as a human is a great gift to the Divine Souls that we are.

As we have often said, earth is a schoolroom. All the souls that are here on earth in human bodies chose willingly and enthusiastically to come here.

The earthly life, in a human body, with no memory of the great I am, the great God consciousness that we are truly are, is very challenging. For here we do not know we are Divine.

Here on earth we are in a very low limited field of vibration, a frequency that is ruled by fear. That is ruled by negative emotions that do not exist in our heavenly realm.

Here we experience what we cannot experience in heaven. Here we feel anger, hatred, jealousy, rage, apathy, depression, false pride and all the aspects of fear and negative emotion as human programming clashes with human programming.

For our bodies, our biological computers and our brains are eminently programmable. Words repeated often, at low frequencies, with heavy intonation and dark and devious images and music, program us to take on their negative ideas.

These ideas, repeated and repeated form the filter of thoughts and beliefs through which we live life. And filters of understanding clash with each other.

As programmable humans we take on the ideas we are given by our governments and their corrupt media representatives as if they were our own and we protect them with our very lives. For we think we are that which we have been told we are.

This human realm is very important for the expansion of heavenly souls. That is why we volunteered to come to earth. We knew that in experiencing the contrast, in knowing fear, in choosing between love and fear, we would expand our consciousness, we would know greater love.

And we, as aspects of God, in our soul nature, in heaven, set up this earthly dark and challenging experience for ourselves. We planned our lives together with our soul family, our guides, our angels.

We set up the difficult experiences, the clashes of understanding, the arguments, the dissensions that we were to experience here on earth.

There are no accidents. All that happens to us happens for a Divine purpose, for our growth and increased understanding, our growth into a deeper love a deeper peace, a greater bliss and ecstasy.

By experiencing the opposite of love, that truly does not exist in our divine reality, we come to know how great and wonderful, how powerful is the Divine, is the love in which we dwell as Divine souls.

And we come to understand and have great compassion for the suffering of our brethren. You would not be the great, kind, caring, totally empathetic being that you are now if you had not been through the planet earth schoolroom.

You have been maneuvered and manipulated into choosing love by experiencing the deep dark pain of fear. You have been sad, lonely and lived through separation from your brethren.

And so, how are you feeling now, our Divine and wonderful lightworkers, now that you are moving out of fear and into the fifth dimension of love.

You, our dear lightworkers, are different from the majority of your human brethren. The schoolroom planet earth was set up for Divine souls to eat of the tree of good and evil.

It was set up for humans to feel the low vibrating, third dimensional, limited fear frequency. Earth is as a great stage play. Souls volunteer to come here and ensconce themselves in human bodies as actors.

Some play the part of the kind, the good, the loving individual, others play the part of the evil, the corrupt ones, the controllers. It is the interplay of these different vested interests that allows for the dissension and strife that pummels Divine Souls into a greater understanding of love.

And this stage play, this great pull between the light forces and the evil ones fell deeper and deeper into darkness. Programmable mankind had become deeply controlled and entrenched in the thought system of the devious, nefarious human controllers.

Humanity was not able to lift itself above the fear filled frequency into which it had become entrenched. And, with advances in technology, it seemed that planet earth and humans would destroy themselves.

Hence the call went out in heaven for help from volunteers. Help from you, dear lightworkers, dear divine souls with a high expansion into the love vibration, carrying a high frequency, a wonderful aura of love and light.

You were not entrenched in the fear vibration. You had not been programmed into believing you were inherently evil and sinful. You knew love in a great, caring, loving and kind way.

Mankind could not lift its way out of its pit of darkness without your high frequency help. And so you came to earth and ensconced your soul in a human body.

You did not belong, you knew that from the start. You could not understand the unkindness the cruelty, the lack of love. The spite, the malice, the depravity hurt you to the depth of your soul.

And you felt great pain. For you were the ultimate kind one, the absolute empath living in an unempathetic world. And so you felt the pain, you felt the fear, you felt the rejection that was your everyday reality as you negotiated your way through the challenges, the maze of human life.

Your kindness was taken as weakness. Your empathy led you to being taunted, rejected and reviled by your brethren who were deeply entrenched in the low vibration of fear and separation. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

And now dear ones, dear Divine souls, our lightworker representatives on planet earth, how do you feel? Now you have become conscious in an unconscious world. Now that you know the truth of your divinity and your mission here on earth, you are moving into joy and peace and the wonderful flow of feeling compassion, caring and kindness.

You have left behind guilt and shame and you are confident of yourself and the knowing that you have now, the wisdom of the Divinity within, now shines without.

You see the big picture of human life. You know that all souls are perfectly perfect where they are in schoolroom planet earth. Each soul has arranged the journey for itself.

Each soul has set forth the challenges and the consequent feelings they would experience. Each soul has given itself opportunities to choose love or fear at every turn of their human existence.

And so dear ones, accept your divine reality in joy. Be in gratitude and thankfulness. Rise up from the darkness of your not belonging feelings.

Realize that you have eaten from the tree of good and evil and so raised your understanding of the glory of your divine inheritance. Be of good cheer, your time has come. The truth has set you free.

Your human life, your deep and dark educational earthly experience has given you the understanding that you came to earth to attain. You now deeply comprehend the programmable nature of the human being.

You can see how and why he is caught in the trap of the low vibration of fear. And you know now who you are, and that you are no longer caught in that trap. You are lightworkers, beings of love and light, whose high frequency will help the earth and humanity rise up above the third dimensional prison in which they have for so long been entrenched.

And so, be of good cheer dear friends, be of good cheer. We know now that the best is yet to come. Increasingly day by day we feel stronger, more confident, knowing of our Divine Soul and feeling peace and joy. Yes, the best is yet to come as we raise our frequency, our love quotient higher and higher.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.