07-07 Energy Update: ATLANTIS RISING

Hello Dear One
Last night we were contacted by a group of beings who introduced themselves as "The Scientist Priests of ATLA-RA". This is a group of highly evolved benevolent beings including membership from 'Golden Race' and 'Tall Whites' and they are currently stationed in the Lunar Orbit in their Mer-Ka-Ba ships of light.
The ATLA-RA were highly revered scientist priests and priestesses who were in charge of maintaining the Crystal Grids and sacred flames in the temples of Atlantis more than 25000 years ago. These magnificent beings are able to maintain an Avatar state of 12-D consciousness while maintaining a physical vessel in the Third Density which is quite a feat!
These beings have shared with us that they are currently working to reactivate the 12 sacred Atlantean Crystals that were buried underground in secret locations before the destruction of Atlantis. The activation of these crystals (Which is almost complete) is helping to trigger ancient codices within the human consciousness that will reawaken our Ancient gifts and abilities that we had achieved as Masters in times of Atlantis.
We are headed for very exciting times in the next few years, as we witness the rise of 'New Atlantis' in this coming Golden Age.
With Love,
EldoRa & Siman