Ashtar: Connecting the Dots

by James McConnell

I am Ashtar. I come at this time, in this auspicious time, I will add here, in these times of great changes that are occurring both on the planet, within the planet, and above the planet.

So many changes that you at this time do not have any idea of, but you are getting an inkling of it. You are getting of it. You are getting bits and pieces of everything that is happening. Always still, yes, behind the scenes. But they are coming out.

You use terms of ‘connecting the dots.’ And that is something you all need to do. It is part of discernment. It is part of understanding the truth and knowing the truth, and looking beyond that illusion that those that have been in control for so long want so much to continue this illusion. They want to keep you trapped within it.

But as someone said earlier, “we win.” No, we have won already. That is what you need to know right now. We are not winning, we have already won. We have already won not just the battles, but the entire war, if you want to look at it that way. Because it is a war between good and evil. Between light and dark.

Everything is coming out exactly as it needs to, and you need to continue to believe that. Believe that we are up here. We are up here in our ships, in our various programs and projects, all looking down at you.

We are looking down from above and seeing the perfection that you all are. We don’t see the negative, the shadow side of each of you. We see the light within you, the light within all of you. And that is spreading and being shared everywhere more and more. You are having rallies again with your President Trump. All of this is part of the new expression that must come about, that the light must come on and overcome the darkness. And it is happening.

So much is happening behind the scenes yet, but it is all coming out little by little. And then it will go from a trickle, which it is now, to a deluge in the times that are coming ahead.

And along with that, you have all looked for disclosure. Not only disclosure of the truths that must come out, but disclosure of those of our ships, those of us that have been here watching over you and ready to assist when we are given the command to come down and be with you. And that is not far off, my friends! It is not far off at all. Because we are here for you. And those of you that are ready to see us, will see us.

When you have those eyes to see, and many of you are getting those eyes now, because you are opening your third eye. Your pineal glands are becoming free again of the calcification that the cabal, or the dark forces, have done everything that they could to hold your third eye down to keep you from seeing beyond the illusion, to seeing the real reality that is there, and has been there all along. But they pulled the wool over your eyes, or the veil over your eyes, so that you would not see what can be seen now.

So open your eyes: both your physical eyes, and your third eye. And begin to gaze more and more at the skies whenever you get a chance, whether in the daytime or at nighttime, and begin to see that we are here. And whenever you are ready, you being the collective you, the collective you of those of the Lightworking Community, when you are ready, we will be here for you to see.

And again, as I said, it is not far off at all now. Because everything, everything is leading up to this point right now, in this exact moment. And all of you just need to be patient just a little bit longer. You have waited thousands, even millions of years, to come to this point. And what’s a little bit longer to wait? Whether it’s days, or weeks, or even months. What’s a little bit longer to realize the complete freedom that is there beckoning to you now.

All you need to do is just open up to it and realize that it is already there for you. The freedom. The freedom to be who you are, whenever you want to be whoever you are. Trust. Trust in all of this. Trust that you are moving into a position or a point oif light within you that will establish once and for all your freedom and your sovereignty.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace and love, and that you would continue to be ready. Be ready to experience the connection with all of us, all of your brothers and sisters, that are here now and ready at a moment’s notice to be there with you more fully.