Dearest ones we are here to say to you that help IS at hand. We are here for you all at this momentous time. Those of you who are reading these words did incarnate specifically to help Gaia to evolve at this time of Ascension from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above and Yes it is a very special but very challenging time for you all. We are surrounding you all with so much LOVE and SUPPORT, that you do not have to suffer any longer. We are here to help you but you must ASK. There are so many LIGHT beings from all parts of the Universe who are observing and overseeing Gaia as she goes through these changes and are constantly monitoring the situation. You my Dear friends, whether you know it or not are in constant touch with your own starseed family and are explaining to us exactly how you are feeling. We do understand and we are here to help you traverse this time.

Dearest Ones as you go through your daily lives at this very special time in your planet's history, many of you may be beginning to WONDER why you are here. Maybe Life is not going as you have planned and you WONDER why. Maybe many of your friends and family around you have not "woken up" so to speak and you WONDER why. More are more people are taking a "jab" which you might not agree with and you WONDER why. You might even have taken the "jab" yourself and you WONDER why others are not doing so. You might be feeling your Freedoms are being taken from you and you WONDER why. Others may be not like you and you WONDER why. Many people may be disagreeing with your own views and are actually angry with you if your views are not the same as theirs and you WONDER why. Many of you may be actually WONDERING why you are actually here at all, if you are not having the happiest time. You may be feeling as if you are the only one on the planet who thinks as you do. You may actually know that you are a Starseed and you WONDER why on Earth you actually agreed to come down to planet Earth to help humans at all. You maybe WONDER why nobody seems to be listening to what you have to say and that nothing you have done or said has helped at all. You may well have asked for help from above and WONDER why such help is not forthcoming.

Dearest Ones we say to you that we ARE here and we ARE helping you to Ascend. NOW IS THE TIME for everyone to WAKE UP. Many of you KNOW this but you maybe surrounded by people who you think are not Waking up so to speak and you WONDER why they have not done so. Have no fear Dear Ones they will but in their own good time. You are the WAYSHOWERS so to speak and you do have the POWER to change the world but you need to KNOW this. YOU are the SOVEREIGN beings who are going to show the world how to live in LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and JOY.

We see what you may not see. We see a wonderful sea change in people as many, many more people are opening up to the Nature around them and beginning to realise, what a WONDERFUL planet that they are living on and are finally starting to LOVE the Earth and to look after her. The key now is to ignore the anger, sadness, deceit and bad feelings which you maybe be picking up from other humans around you and to send them your LOVE. All humans on the planet are dealing with their own challenges and problems and if they do not ask you for help, you have to learn to leave them to look after themselves.

You cannot heal everybody and in Truth, they have to heal themselves now. As you go about your daily business you may start to notice a division in the humans around you. You may notice that close friends who you have known for a long time may not think or feel as you do and you may find that you have nothing in common with them anymore. Have no fear Dear Ones, you are not alone. All humans are going through this change, everyone will wake up in time but some faster than others. Let these people go now, and if they are true friends they will come back in time.

As the way showers you are all going upwards towards the 5th Dimension and in fact maybe able to live in this state for short periods of time. Others not so awake may not understand you and even react badly to how you may have changed. It is time now to let go of the drama and concentrate on manifesting this NEW WORLD yourselves. Many, many Starseeds are coming together in groups now and are very POWERFUL indeed. Dearest Ones find your group around you. Connect with like minded souls in your own communities. This is the Way forward to changing the planet. Do not try to change or heal others around you now unless they come to you for help. Go within and change yourselves. Call on like minded souls to help you come to terms with your own inner demons. This is your work now Dear Ones. As you heal yourselves, so others will heal around you.

It matters not how many friends that you may or may not have in your life. Your very best friend is inside of you and you have so much help and guidance from your friends in the higher realms that all you have to do is to ASK. In TRUTH you are never, ever alone. It is time now to go within and be with the very best friend inside of you. Look after yourselves and be the Shining LIGHT that you came down to be and others around you will begin to see that LIGHT within you and want to change themselves.

It is Time now to just BE, Dear Ones and learn to ENJOY your own company. BE in Nature. Listen to the birds and animals as they go about their daily business. WONDER at the amazing sights and sounds of Nature. Clean up your own patch of Earth around you and you will begin to see others doing the same.

There is a CHANGE happening on Earth and it is gaining momentum Dear Ones. Do not despair, ALL IS WELL. This change has started and the Earth will not go back to the way that it was. The sins of the world such as greed, power struggles, lust, envy and anger have no place in the 5th Dimension and as we have said many times before those who would perpetuate these sins will have to Transform or leave the planet.

Have no Fear Dear Ones, it is time to look within and polish your own Diamond within, so to speak. Be the very best that you can be. Be your own best friend. Do not try to heal others around you, heal yourselves. Find ways of being at Peace with yourselves, find the WONDER of the world around you. Look to the WONDERS of nature around you. Accentuate all the Positives in your life, learn to be grateful for the good things in your life and eliminate all the negatives and LIFE will change around you Dear ones. YOU are the future, have no doubts about that. YOU are the SOVEREIGN being.

YOU are going to change the world from within.

YOU are the WONDER of the world.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 5.7.2021.