EXITING THE MATRIX Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - July 2021

Good Day to you our Dear Lightworkers on this wonderful day in July of 2021.  The heat of summer is upon us.  The heat of the summer of our exiting the matrix.  Of our moving out of the fear vibration, out of the prison planet earth entrainment in which we have for so very long, been immersed.

What is being birthed at this time in planet earth’s history, is a whole new human experience.  An experience of love that is more aligned with our full human potential.

Many of the army of lightworkers that volunteered to take human form to help humanity rise out of the matrix, many of them still have sleep in their eyes.  But not for long now.  They are waking up, they are becoming conscious of their true, their deeper heavenly reality.

You, our dear representatives on planet earth, are becoming conscious in an unconscious world.  That is what the ascension process does, it brings the unconscious to the conscious mind.

The matrix, the low third dimensional structure in which the planet earth experience is contained, holds all the fearful emotions that keep mankind enmired in darkness and negativity.

Here dwell shame and fear, apathy and grief, anxiety, anger, hatred, pride and scorn. In this low frequency domain, mankind is unconscious.

His mind, his intellect is so involved in the deep darkness of his fears that he cannot see beyond them.  His mind has been trained by constant repetition of negative affirmations to live in the low vibration of fear.

The controllers, those that are playing the part of the devil in this earthly stage play, have put in place systems of government, systems of education, systems of parental, religious and financial control, that keep mankind in the matrix of fear.

The events we are experiencing are not random.  They have been planned for a very long time. They, the controllers, are as magicians, they announce what is not true.  They tell stories, repeat lies that keep the true nature of reality from mankind.

They understand how human perceptions become reality.  They understand how our thoughts are out pictured in our world and create the state of things that we see around us.

And so, the words they spout, the commands they give their compliant human slaves, are all to further their dark agenda, to control our thoughts.  They know we can only experience that which we perceive to be possible.

And so, they make it as impossible as they can, for us to perceive anything outside the fear matrix.  And as we listen to their words, the fear thoughts that they provide, circulate round and round in our brains repeatedly and repeatedly.  And a groove is formed, a railway track of negative affirmations, negative words and thoughts.

And those affirmations appear to be who we are.  Those affirmations, those  assertions, create our reality.  There is no room for love to enter when the mind is so engrossed in fear.  Fear which is delivered to us, day and night, in a never ending train of harsh ideas which become our dark perceptions, our dark reality.

As a consequence, as the control becomes heavier and heavier, our low vibrating third dimensional brethren are falling deeper into the matrix coma.  As we lightworkers rise up from our fearful entrainment and move into the love vibration, they fall more deeply into sleep, into a coma.

The timelines are separating.  Those who are in the world of love and light can no longer talk to, can no longer reach, those who live in darkness and fear.  They have nothing to say to each other.  Light sees the darkness and has great compassion.  Those caught in the trap of darkness, those caught in the matrix, cannot see the light.

They see our kindness as weakness that is to be manipulated and maneuvered.  They treat our love, our compassion with contempt for their own nefarious advantage.

You too, our dear lightworkers, were caught in the dark trap of fear.  You too, in the early part of your life were unconscious and so, you too lived in the matrix.  Yet you broke out of it, you moved from fear to love.

Dear ones, you are very brave, for it takes great courage to move out of the fear matrix.  In that low vibrating world we have all been conditioned, indoctrinated with fear thoughts and feelings.

Feelings of not being good enough, fears that we are inherently guilty and shameful in all we do.  These are the thoughts that circulate round and round in our brain.

And we suppress these thoughts and create our own delusional reality to handle them.  We cannot stand our unworthy feelings,  and so we use grandiosity, power and control over our brethren to feel that we are worthy.

Service to self becomes our mantra, and since we have unpleasant dense and dark feelings about ourselves that we cannot admit are our own, we project these feelings onto our brethren.

We poke and prod at them with words.  We put them down, in order that we might feel superior.  We distance ourselves from them for we think we see their faults clearly, while we ourselves think that we are innocent.

And in our puzzlement we ask, “why did they say that negative thing.  Why did they do that hurtful act?”  Little do we realize that it was our words, our attitude that out pictured in their behavior.

Nothing can be healed until it is revealed and seen.  So, we must look at our fears, our delusions, our false entrainment.  This takes courage, it takes great courage for it is painful to realize how we have been deluded, how we have been dysfunctional.

It is said that it is easier to delude mankind than it is to convince him that he has been deluded.

Yes, you are very brave our dear ones.  You have courage, for you never did belong.  That is why you came to earth to help mankind.

You are of a higher frequency.  You are an old Soul with many hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes of experience behind you.  Your still sleeping brethren are younger Souls, who have much to experience, much still to learn of love by the contrast provided on this earthly plane.

And so, now we are looking at two states of consciousness here on earth.  One is deeply disturbed, distorted, fearful and heavy in vibration.

The other wants freedom, fairness, communion and camaraderie.  Love is the dominant flowing, knowing, glowing vibration in which the new world lives.

True agape love is about regaining sovereignty.  In the fifth dimensional world of love no-one outside of ourselves is controlling us.  No one is telling us what to do.  We choose our options freely, joyfully.

We love ourselves first and foremost as the aspects of divinity that we truly are.  And, in that loving flow, we love all.  For unconditional love is not an up and down emotion that comes and goes.  It is the flow of divine electro magnetic energy that carries with it joy, kindness, caring, compassion, wisdom discernment and peace.

From that free and open consciousness, we choose our highest excitement, our greatest joy.

You have had the human experience.  You have lived in the narrow band of frequency that defines the third dimensional world.  And you have taken your courage in your hands, looked at your dysfunctions and moved out of that world.

The five senses no longer define you.  You see earthly life from the upper room of understanding.  You watch your still deluded brethren with great compassion.  For they are still enmired in their human journey.

Nothing wrong ever happened.  There are no accidents.  All is playing out as it needs to and you see that now.  You see the marvelous plan that the Divine has for human ascension out of the pit of the matrix delusion.

Yes dear ones, life is good and getting better.  And as you up spiral into the knowing, the flowing, the glowing of love, you know that the best is yet to come.  Yes indeed, the best is yet to come for our new fifth dimensional world of love and light awaits us.

There we can live in pure joy, bliss and communion and camaraderie with our like minded brethren.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.