The Whole Truth Must be Revealed

By Steve Beckow on June 18, 2021

There have been so many references to “watch the water” and “TerraMar” that at last I went to an article on TerraMar. (No, I’m not going to reference it.)

I had to put my laptop down for an hour.

Again I offer the concept of “honest witnesses to the truth.” (1) Some people watch the videos of human-rights abuses so that you don’t have to. Usually it’s their job.

The TerraMar Project centers around the use of submarines to deliver children to island settings where … anything goes. That’s where my witnessing means you don’t have to witness. Yet.

The truth will eventually come out but it’s as grisly as you can imagine. The people responsible thought they could get away with anything. Joe Biden has an island next to Epstein’s and TerraMar is home delivery. I’m biting my tongue to stop it from saying further.

Having seen Frazzeldrip and associated photos, this story only adds more detail to the horrible acts I know are being perpetrated on children.

It’s our mess. We have to stop it. And we have to clean it up. I have heard that med beds are being used to heal the children’s trauma.

I think Operation Defender-Europe 21 in March 2021 was about putting the people responsible out of business.

Oh, my. My view of humanity’s assumed basic decency is taking hit after hit. I guess I should think of this for what it is – a cancer that’s being removed. On all levels.

The time of separation/bifurcation moment is here – again, like everything else, I assume, gradual for society but sudden for each individual. (2) The Alliance is taking the cabal down.

The military and law enforcement is dismantling a worldwide child-trafficking network (think Ever Given).  Washington, the City of London, and the Vatican are all shut down – under cover of Covid-19 in some cases. These are not gradual.

How are we going to manage the news when it hits?  I can see now that a day must come when the whole truth and nothing but the truth must be revealed.

The only way to stop the revenge cycle is to show every person on the planet unmistakably the unspeakable crimes the people responsible have been practicing upon the children of the world.

Society has to express, in a unified voice and with unmistakable determination, that all serious human-rights abuses on the planet must end NOW. Any that do not will be shut down summarily or litigated out of existence.

Litigate, litigate, litigate.

They loved power. They thought they could get away with it.  They never thought Hillary Clinton would lose. Now they can’t hide all the evidence which they, in their arrogance, left strewn around.

(1) “Every Society Needs Honest Witnesses to the Truth,” January 5, 2021, at