Shadow Work: What are Triggers & 4 Steps to heal them FOREVER!!

Dearest Angel,
This video is intended to be a comprehensive guide on how to identify triggers, how to heal the core wounds that drive them and instantly access higher timelines as a result of the healing that comes with it.
In this video, we dive deep into:
  • What are triggers?
  • How to identify the core wound beneath the trigger?
  • A Four-step technique that can help you heal the core wound and the trigger for good!
Triggers are one of the most challenging aspects of shadow work that people have to face as part of their spiritual evolution. Triggers are extreme emotional responses we have when someone or something touches one of the deep core wounds that we have not yet addressed. Our wounds and triggers follow us where ever we go and they are like ticking time bombs that can go off unexpectedly at a moment's notice. You might be triggered by road rage while driving, or by someone speaking to you disrespectfully, or even triggered by a bout of extreme sadness when a song comes on that reminds you of lost love.
Whatever the reason may be, once we are triggered, we feel completely helpless when we are experiencing the emotional traumas as it completely takes over us and disconnects us from our reasoning mind. It feels painful, it feels uncomfortable and it can certainly be quite challenging to overcome these feelings when we don't know how to address them properly.
This is the most important work that is part of our spiritual evolution. We can only stand fully in our power as divine sovereign beings, once we have healed our core wounds and are no longer driven by the temporary insanity that triggers impose on us.
Have a blessed weekend Soul Fam!
With Love,
EldoRa and Siman