Imagination, Speculation… and Simon Parkes

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June 1, 2021 by Catherine Viel on Golden Age of Gaia.

In his May 29 podcast, Simon Parkes notified us that numerous “bad players” had been given a drop-dead date of June 1 which, as I’m writing this, is tomorrow. (1)

I paraphrase what Simon says around midway through the podcast: “From the first of June onwards, there will be very interesting developments which even the general public will become aware of.”

He did not give many details and certainly no names. So my imagination kicks in.

Could things truly be changing now? Could some truths come to light not just in alternative sources, but in the mainstream?

After all, even ABC News has noted that many reporters are having to eat their words about how Covid couldn’t possibly have been lab created. (2)
That which was not only possible but probable to many of us reading alternative sources has finally become a big fat blip on the radar of the mainstream.


I only watched Simon’s podcast once so I’m relying on an already fading memory. I believe he indicated that these bad actors are not household names that most people would recognize, but rather are some of the forces that are pulling the Deep State strings behind the scenes.

And what is the drop-dead criterion? I deduce that it’s something like, cough up the information you have, name names, or be arrested. (Actually I suspect they’ll be arrested anyway. Maybe it’s more like they’re bargaining for their lives.)

Simon matter-of-factly noted that military tribunals have already been occurring at the White House, which, since it is located in Washington, District of Columbia – not on United States soil – can legally play host to such military judiciary activity.

Easier, he said, then hauling everybody to Gitmo. Much more convenient.


Speculation, you say. Imagination. You have no hard proof.

This is true. This is information from one insider, Simon Parkes. I’m not sufficiently plugged into alternative information sources to reliably track down these speculations elsewhere.

But what if Simon’s information is accurate? He said he hoped that this week would bring at least some things out into the open, though naturally he can’t be one hundred percent sure. Nor could he aver that the mainstream would actually carry whatever the news might be.

Nonetheless, it’s apparent that something big is afoot. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting in a state bordering on somnolence for “something big” to occur for what seems like forever.

I haven’t just been twiddling my thumbs and hoping for the best, of course.

We’re assured repeatedly by many sources that simply being an enlightened human aiming for more enlightenment is contributing greatly to the current planetary awakening. Our trek into the fifth dimensional state of being is underway and I believe most of us are deeply aware of that whether we articulate it or not.

But here, at last, may be something that is tangible, physical, set down in black and white. Facts that are presented as facts in the mainstream, third-dimensional world that is the only one so many people heed at all.

The key word is “may.” Something to keep in mind.


As with everything else, we must exercise our discernment and act as the sovereign beings we are. I invite you to watch Simon’s podcast and reach your own conclusions.

Perhaps you will dismiss his information. Or perhaps, like me, you may wander down the road of imagination and speculation.

According to my understanding of some of the universal laws, our imagining, our visualizing, indeed, our speculating, is what creates our individual and communal reality.

Perhaps we can imagine and speculate our way forward a teeny bit more rapidly when we approach this with focused hope and belief. I certainly intend to do so.