5 Interesting Facts about Lightworkers

We’re blessed to connect many of you, including Starseeds and Lightworkers, to benevolent, higher-dimensional Beings. Through our clients sessions, our Beings have revealed some very interesting facts about Lightworkers that we really want to share with you.
Fact 1: Lightworkers anchor the Light and higher energy into Gaia.
Many of you act as two-way energy valves, helping Gaia absorb the light while releasing the lower, denser energies stored within her. As the outgoing, negative energy moves through you, you may experience stronger emotions. Surround yourself with a protective bubble of light and ask your guides to protect and assist you.
Fact 2: Lightworkers are strategically positioned all around the globe.
Chances are, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Lightworkers are in every corner of the world – and in every industry. This is no accident. Imagine yourself as a light transmitter, funneling hope, insight, healing, and assistance to evenly anchor and distribute the light. Together, we create a powerful light grid!
Fact 3: Lightworkers work just as much – sometimes harder – while we sleep.
Some mornings, I feel like I haven’t slept at all. My Beings say that I’ve been actively engaged while astral travelling. Many of us are being called on at night to do our light work. Chances are that your nighttime work began long before your spiritual awakening. Our souls rarely rest!
Fact 4: Lightworkers absorb and transmute energy from the human collective.
Many of you have reported feeling particularly anxious, confused, or ‘stuck’ as of late. This is primarily what humanity is experiencing – and releasing. It’s important to discern between your emotions, and that of others. Again, protect yourself with a light shield.
Fact 5: Lightworkers help awaken and activate people around them.
Again, most of you are strategically plunked in a social circle or family that needs your light. This too, is no accident. Find a tribe of like-minded people while remembering to shine your light on those who need it most. By doing so, you help accelerate this mass awakening.  
As a Lightworker, you may be particularly sensitive to the unpleasant energies around you. However, as the collective lightens up, you can look forward to an overwhelming surge of love and harmony. It’s coming. Patience is key!
Our channeled message explains how Lightworkers are accelerating the mass awakening.
Shine the light that you are!
Warm Blessings,
Kate & Kare
The Ascension Calling Team