You are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience - Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore


Greetings dearest light beings! We have been watching you and encouraging you from afar for eons of time. Some of you tap into the knowledge we bequeath you and some of you feel that there is indeed knowledge of the light within you. All of you are all capable of receiving divine knowledge and wisdom. How do you receive this knowledge? You sit in silence and tap into this vast array of incredible knowledge and wisdom.

You have all been on this planet time and time again, struggling and yearning to reconnect with Source! Work on self is an ongoing process. It is a constant journey of tapping into and clearing that which does not give you peace, and thus activating the newly evolved growth in the process. You are moving rapidly into the 5th dimension! It is like humanity and the planet are being catapulted into a higher frequency of being. For some of you, your ascension has been a struggle, and yet there are moments of joy in knowing who you truly are, which is a spiritual being having a human experience. We ask that you embrace your struggles, your worries, your concerns and fears. All will transform as you continue to work on self.

We know this past year has been a shock for so many! It is like you are embracing a completely new way of being. This is occurring from within yourselves and ultimately manifesting on the level of form. Remember, matter follows thought. So, what you think and believe takes on form eventually. You have had some time now to ponder who you wish to become, and what truly gives you peace and joy. Also, many of you have changed and transformed your beliefs around what is truly important to you moving forward into a completely new realm of existence!

For some of you we can feel your excitement as to what is positively occurring on your planet, and in your personal lives. It feels like an inner knowing that all is and will be a complete transformation of a way of life. Of course, this will not happen over night, but we know you can feel the changes within. These are the baby steps to a better life for all of humanity.

We have been watching everyone who is contributing to clearing the darkness on your beautiful planet. We feel your sorrows, pain and frustration. Know that we comfort you from afar. We feel what you feel. Empathy is a wonderful guidance to compassion. Compassion for all of humanity is greatly needed at this time. The gift of compassion raises one’s frequency and opens up the heart chakra to true benevolence and love for all of humankind.

With what is being revealed on your planet more and more people have gone within to truly feel for their brothers and sisters who have chosen, in this incarnation, to be a catalyst for other’s awakening and innate gifts, no matter whether they are living through darkness or light. You are all spiritual beings. Remember, all of you chose your experiences coming into each embodiment. We have all been victims and victimizers, saviours and catalysts for humanity’s awakening. Lessons are the order of the day until one is finally karmic clear and at peace in all situations happening around them. One could be living in abject poverty or imprisoned and still be at peace within.

When You Judge Others You Judge Yourself

With this we segway into another important aspect of humanity, and that is allowing each person to follow their own path. One can give advice and their opinion about another’s actions and motives, but until you literally walk in their shoes, so to speak, one can never know what another is going through. This is where we advise that one must cease to judge another. What you judge in another, you judge in yourself. You all came into this embodiment with your own unique script and blueprint to play out on the level of form. So, allow others to follow their own path with absolutely no judgement! You may not agree with someone’s chosen actions, but it is their script, their journey to play out. What we have seen with humanity is so much judgement of others! If one spent as much time working on their own growth and ascension than they do interfering in another’s life, and judging others, ascension would be reached that much faster.

We know that a lot of you have been raised in conflict and strife. So many families are dysfunctional. But remember, you choose the family you incarnated into to learn, grow and ascend. May we say, in many cases, you experience in order to clear beliefs and patterns that do not serve you. If everyone knew this, the world would be a different place, indeed! This is why you must see your brothers and sisters as pure spirit. You do this, and you will innately understand the light that is within each of you. Remember again, you are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Release Your Fears

If people let go of their fears they would make different choices which would lead to better outcomes. The results might not be a perfect outcome but when action is taken in peace a better outcome follows. So, you see, each choice you make leads you to a negative or a positive outcome. A higher vibrational or lower vibrational experience, if you will. By not judging another you see that person in another light, so to speak, and that light you see is pure spirit. If humanity as a whole, knew you are all beautiful spiritual beings, life on your planet would be at such a high frequency. But alas this is what humanity is moving into, a 5th dimensional density of much higher light and love. How beautiful and astounding is that?

We ask that all of you continue to work on yourselves clearing your path to ascension. We are with you always, as you move into higher vibrational beings holding and embodying more and more light. Stay in peace and joy.

May 18. 2021