Quantum Energy Healing Session for Starseeds, Empaths and Light-workers

Beloved Soul Family,
This is a Quantum Energy Healing Session that has been infused with high-frequency angelic healing energies
We have embedded codes using 7th-dimensional crystal healing tools, and these tools allow you to instantly feel as if you are enclosed in a quantum healing chamber for the duration of this session and even for some time after to allow for integration

This healing session will give each person tuning in *EXACTLY* the healing frequencies that their higher self recommends for them as are connecting to each one of you individually via a sacred multidimensional crystal grid.

This healing will help with the following:

  • Strengthen your connection with Ascended New Earth
  • Repair your damaged DNA strands
  • Cleanse your chakras,
  • Activate your higher DNA strands
  • Upgrade and repair your cellular structure
  • Release negative entities and lower frequencies
  • Activate & strengthen your connection with your inner guidance system
  • Align you to higher timelines through subconscious mind-reprogramming

It is common and completely safe for people to fall asleep during such sessions as you may go into a state of subtle hypnosis. This is completely normal. You will continue to receive all the healing frequencies even in the sleep state.

Please enjoy with our deepest love and gratitude as this project was inspired as a gift from our heart to yours. The intention behind this was to help and assist our soul family during these very challenging and trying energetic times.
With love,
EldoRa & Siman