Dearest Ones we have come to you today to remind you all, how Powerful you are. You are being bombarded by many stories on Earth today on all types of media. Some of these stories are not real and being shown to you to WAKE you up to your own inherent power. We have always told you that we can neutralise anything that you think may be harmful to you such as Nuclear weaponry, viruses, bacteria, vaccines, 5G etc etc. THE ONE gave every soul Free Will but never to destroy a planet. We have said before that the Higher beings have had to intervene when the Earth was in danger of being annihilated.

However we say to you that NOW is the TIME to WAKE UP to YOUR OWN POWER. We say to you now to HAVE NO FEAR. Fear is the antithesis of LOVE. GOD (THE ONE) IS LOVE and that is all there is. As you are all transitioning from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above you are all becoming more aware of your own POWER. As POWERFUL SENTIENT BEINGS you too have the knowledge to NEUTRALISE anything that you think is harmful to you and to MANIFEST something that is good for you.

BELIEF is a very powerful thing and if you think something is harmful to you, it will be. In Truth in the case of disease the 'dis' ease comes from within and is manufactured by the soul. A challenging concept for some !!!! A healthy mind and body will never "catch" anything. There has been such mind control by a deep dark agenda for eons that much of your so called "Truth" has been invented and the real "Truth" hidden from view to keep humans asleep and unaware of their own innate power. The soul creates a 'dis ease' in the body for a lesson to be learned and once that lesson is learned the 'dis' ease will go.

Life on Earth was an experiment to see how far the soul could go to delve into the depths of their dark side. You are at last coming to the end of this experiment and creating a new HEAVEN on EARTH. We have said before that the Dark agenda has no place in the 5th Dimension and these souls will Transform or leave the planet to grow their soul in another Dimension. A Dark agenda has no control over you unless you BELIEVE it has. The mind is a powerful thing. You were told that human beings lived for 3 score years and 10. That is a Belief. You may have not known that some enlightened souls have lived for hundreds of years on planet Earth and YOU Dear ones can too, if you just BELIEVE.

Do not be swayed from your journey by those who are in Fear. Keep your energies high. Your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline and as such you may be experiencing many strange symptoms. Sleep disturbances, joint pains, neck and back pain, nausea, dizziness, headaches, emotional outbursts, jumps in energy, strange noises in the ears and head etc etc. These ailments are temporary as your body gets used to the higher frequencies that are bombarding the planet. Some of these ailments are the soul clearing, cleansing and healing the final dregs of emotions from the past, both in this and other lives.

You will begin to know as you go within to meditate whether to go to a medical or alternative practitioner to help with these ailments but many will disappear on their own accord. You have the capacity to heal yourselves. BELIEVE this. Many books have been written by those who did BELIEVE and indeed have healed themselves from so called life threatening diseases.

Keep your vibrations high by Meditating every day, grounding yourselves by going out and communing with Nature. Absorbing the sun's rays, eating natural high vibrational foods and water. Listening to high vibrational music such as 432 hertz. Healing by Sounding, gonging and smudging yourselves and your living areas. Take salt water baths or showers to clear negative energies. Sleep when you body needs it even in the day time.

Avoid the negative Main media, avoid negative people whilst they are transitioning. There will be much anger and confusion as the real Truth comes to the LIGHT in the coming months. Many may need healing but do not go out of your way to heal others for they will come to you when they are ready. Heal yourselves before you heal others. Call on us and other higher beings for help in clearing lower energies.

Some of you may feel alone and in conflict with your own friends and families at this time but do not fear this. You are never alone. Aloneness sometimes makes you stronger and more able to cope with what is going on. Your family in spirit is always with you. Turn to them for support when needed. Your families and friends will come back to you as they too transition. You can help them by just sending them your LOVE and your LIGHT and finding connections instead of divisions.

Much of this division has been created by the Dark side as they Fear the LIGHTWORKERS taking their control back. Do not Fear the vaccines or your friends and families taking them. The Dark side have lost the Power to control them. You can neutralise them yourselves and your friends and families will not be affected by them. The Truth about these vaccines will come to LIGHT soon and souls who have died or been affected by vaccines in the past have done a great service to humanity by doing so.

We have told you of technologies that have been hidden from you by this Dark agenda. Do you not remember how Life was in Lemuria and Atlantis? Many of you were there. It is Time now to remember. The New Med Beds which are now being talked of in the alternative media are not 'new'. You used them in those times. We have given you a meditation to imagine healing yourself on these beds. You will be ahead of the game so to speak, as they are rolled out over the world in the coming years. As you heal so will you be needed to heal others around you with this knowledge.

Free energy from the Earth was always available but also hidden from view by the Dark side but this will come back as you all Transition. Life in your future will not be as you have known it in the past. Communities will be coming together to look after themselves and ENJOY life. There will be no need for large conglomerates and Governments. Money will not be an issue as you go back to the old ways of trading goods with each other. Nature will heal itself from the ravages of humans and new ways will be found to get rid of the pollution.

This may all sound like a dream to you now but it is within your grasp and within your own Power to change. The energies are such that you will be coming out of your limiting cages soon and seeing a wider world as the Matrix dissolves. Many of you will indeed be able to see us so called 'aliens' but it will not be an invasion. We are here in great numbers to help and support you as you Transition. We will all be coming together to help create this wonderful Brave New World on Earth for you all to live in LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY.

So Dear Ones the future starts NOW and it begins with YOU. Keep FAITH in yourselves, TRUST and BELIEVE in yourselves and ALL WILL BE WELL.

Many BLESSINGS and much LOVE to you all.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 2.5.2021