Unexpected EVENT HORIZON -Schumann Resonance OFF THE CHARTS April 23, 2021!

We are in unprecedented times!
A very powerful wave of energy started streaming in on April 17th and is continuing to rise through this week. We are told that there will be another *MAJOR* spike on April 26th followed by a grand finale explosion on April 29th.
This is not just another routine energy spike because they are so common these days :) These waves are significantly stronger than anything we have ever experienced before in our recorded history. It seems that energetically we are entering an ‘Event Horizon’ of a tsunami of light that is literally rewriting our DNA codes and transforming our bodies from carbon to crystalline. 
It is very likely that you will experience massive shifts in your life in the coming days or weeks as a result of this energetic wave. It can feel unnerving for those who are not in the ‘know’. This is going to light up everything that is not in your highest alignment, and will literally SHIFT you into a new timeline -a new version of reality- that reflects the new and upgraded version of who you are becoming. It may feel like you are temporarily hovering above your body while your atoms are being pulled apart and re-assembled back together in a higher frequency. 
Many people on the planet will experience a MASSIVE and INSTANT spiritual awakening as a result of these high-frequency Gamma light waves. This will lead to a mass awakening that will affect millions of souls! 
These kinds of spikes are here to shake things up and bring REVOLUTIONARY changes, transformations, upheavals, and changes in society. As more awaken to the truth within, they will be removed from the veils of illusion and the false deceptions that have been engineered to keep them subdued. 


EldoRa & Siman