The Truth About Disclosure: The Two Breakaway Civilizations | Gigi Young

In this video (back from December 2020) Gigi describes a key component of disclosure: the reality of two distinct breakaway civilizations, or parallel societies that exist parallel to our own. These societies are not outside of humanity, or really even from other worlds, but rather live parallel to us and even mix with humanity in various different ways.

This can be a challenging topic to address as humanity has, by and large rejected the possibility that this is a reality. These breakaway civilizations have inter-dimensional capabilities and advanced technologies that humanity has lost its ability to comprehend. For this reason, the best way to begin to understand these two societies is through the understanding of consciousness.

Once we grasp that many aspects about these two civilizations become clear, one very important one being that they actually represent 2 distinct aspects of humanity, or focus’ of humanity, or timelines of humanity.

All topics around disclosure will orbit around the understanding that there are two distinct breakaway civilizations that are connected to the earth. One is regressive and represents the lower potential path of humanity, while the other if progressive and represents the higher evolutionary path of humanity.

Discerning these two cultures is part of the initiation that humanity faces today, and it will become increasingly obvious as more and more disclosure narratives appear in the media.

Everything from ET’s and inter-dimensionals to advanced technology and even government involvement with these things can be rooted back to the two civilizations that are outlined in this video. When we understand this topic, we can truly address many of the issues we face in society.

  • 1:57 Disclosure as a spiritual initiation & its role in society at this time (‘end times’)
  • 5:03 What creates the current environment we are in today?
  • 8:00 The loss of human memory & psychic ability
  • 13:00 Disclosure is remembrance
  • 15:00 The two distinct Parallel Societies/Breakaway Civilizations
  • 20:00 The two civilizations represent humanities two futures
  • 24:20 The two societies as two cosmic impulses embodied
  • 26:20 Different technologies of the two societies
  • 30:00 Discerning the differences between the two societies
  • 34:44 The 2 breakaway civilizations and their connection to our genetics
  • 38:09 Deeper into the differences of these two cultures
  • 47:30 How these 2 civilizations help humanity to evolve
  • 54:50 A healthy collective vs an toxic collective
  • 1:05:00 Conclusion/Summary