THE HAPPY DREAM Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - April 2021

Good Day to you our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds we are very pleased to connect with you on this beautiful day in April.  This beautiful day of Spring 2021, where the flowers are blooming more brightly, and the birds are singing in enchantment as Divine music for your ears.

Indeed, the world has changed for you as you enter the fifth dimension of love.  All around you in your perception is more radiant, brighter, ablaze with luminance as you move out of the fear dimension.

The knowing of who and what you are, and why you are here in this  world, has turned your domain around, has changed your purview from the dark illusion you used to live in to the happy dream which you now inhabit.

The happy dream of which the Course in Miracles speaks, is “the Holy Spirit’s correction for the ego’s dream of pain and suffering, though still illusory, the happy dream leads beyond all other illusions to the truth.  It is the dream of forgiveness in which the real world is ultimately seen and salvation attained.”

We are, indeed, living in a dream world, a hologram, a matrix.  Our bodies are programmable biological computers which enable us to traverse this world of adventures, of trials and tribulations on our hero’s journey to enlightenment.

It is an interesting thought that this aspect of God that we are, is in a dream state.  This fragment of Divine Essence that is our true Self, is deeply programmed into believing the stories it has been told.

This programming has been in place for eons. As we enter this world, we are connected with our Spirit. We are innocent, joyful, spontaneous, gurgling Souls, ready to be happy.

Ready with energy and enthusiasm to experience all that can be experienced in this fascinating human world.  And then starts the programming.

Our world is so organized that those amongst whom we are born, our government, our society, our cultural, economic, educational, medical and religious systems have all been refined throughout the ages to limit us in our understanding, to befuddle us, to confuse us.

Our environment has been designed to constrain us, to coerce us.  It is an attempt to force us to comply with evil, to align with negativity and stress.  All this that we might feel fear.

The fear that forces us into a better knowing of ourselves.  The fear that wants to force us to choose to live in darkness and under evil control.

And then, Dear Brethren, this is where our free will comes into play.  For we have the wonderful capacity to choose and choose again.  We can choose love, choose the loving response to challenging words, challenging prods and pokes from our brethren and challenging events.

We have been given the power, as human beings to accept and surrender to all that is happening and forgive all that has been.

To move out of fear, means to give up our victim story and rewrite the script of our life’s story from the nightmare that it seemed to be. It was not who and what we are.  It was what we came to earth to experience.

To live in happiness means seeing how we are programmed.  Seeing the perfidy, the lies, the corruption that is rife all around us.  The corruption that has formed the dishonest and unscrupulous government.  It means realizing that the media is the weapon that our governments use to control our perceptions and behavior.

As we activate our frequency to a higher level, as we cease listening to the heavy, fearful words, as we let the light of our Soul shine through, we feel the inherent perfection of the world.

At that higher frequency we are lifted into contentment, we are lifted into the love vibration.  We are free of our dark and difficult negative programming and perverted thoughts and feelings.

And in this new world, in this new paradigm, how do we communicate with Spirit?  How do we manifest?  How do we pray to our Creator, to Source energy?

Prayer has been perverted to duality.  When we request help, we plead, to something, or someone outside ourselves.

In our third dimensional state we ask for the creator to please solve this problem, or please give us that manifestation.  Our prayer is a desire for intercession by an outside source.

True prayer, is true communion with the spirit within us.  True communion, union with spirit comes from the vibration, the high, happy, neutral frequency we are at.  When we are in the upspiral of the fifth dimensional consciousness, we are in communication with the Spirit within us.

We are at peace, in no thought, in acceptance, surrender and neutrality for we know who and what we are and why we are here on earth.  We know why we have experienced schoolroom planet earth, we know we are not our story.

And so, as we no longer concentrate on the negative events around us and ask them to be changed.  We change them ourselves by seeing our world differently.

As we move about in peace and contentment, we move into the frequency of unity and oneness, we leave duality behind.

It is then that we turn within and think of what we wish our world to be in a wonderful, life affirming, positive way.  And it is this imagining, this visioning that is the prayer the universe hears, that Spirit responds to.

Now, in the fifth dimension of love, we are at a frequency that Spirit can hear.  Our thoughts are now in sync with the love that animates the world, with the electro magnetic energy that is God.

And now we realize that every thought we think, every word we speak is a prayer.  A prayer that the universe hears, a prayer that will be answered for it is of the good, the kind, the loving world that is our true inheritance.

What kind of a world do you wish to live in dear brethren?  Envisage that and you create it, for the universe hears your happy thoughts that are in sync with the higher vibration you now inhabit.

Let us pray by being in the up spiral of the love vibration, rather than  by pleading with a non existent being outside ourselves.

 And so, as our World is just a dream, let it be a happy dream and let us release the nightmare we have lived in.  For that nightmare has served its purpose to school us into greater love and compassion for our holy selves and our holy brethren.

Let us commune with spirit.  Let us be in communion and camaraderie with our true selves, with our soul, by envisaging our new and wonderful world.

Yes, the best is yet to come dear friends.  Indeed, we are very grateful, for we know, deep in our hearts, that life is good and getting better and the best is yet to come.  And, as we declare it to be so, it is so.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.