We are group of beings from Sirius who have evolved past the need to fight over areas of land or planets. Yes in the past, we too have been like you. Warmongering, hating others and living in fear. We too have had our enemies, such as Arcturus, and numerous 'star wars' were fought. (Did you really think that the Star Wars films were made up? They were actually based on fact). We have finally come to a very peaceful way of being and are now helping the Earth's inhabitants to evolve into a more peaceful way of being as they Ascend from the 3rd Dimension into the 5th Dimension and above.

We come to you now, as we believe it is time for you to know this information. The right people will be reading this information and if you are reading this now, the time is right for you. There are no coincidences. You may not understand the concept of channelling messages from a higher consciousness, but the mere fact that you are reading this, will open up a gateway in your consciousness and you will be guided to other such channelled information. Maybe what you think of now as ‚untrue', you may well come to believe in years to come. So my friends, accept what you believe and keep an open mind about everything. We have called this information 'The Gateway to Sirius' as each and every person on this planet can walk through the gateway into your dreams and meditations and explore this land of ours.

Sirius is a beautiful planet full of wondrous colours, peaceful mountains, sparkling lakes and the clearest turquoise blue sea that you can ever imagine. We have built crystal cities with buildings that sparkle in the ever present sun. There are very few clouds in Sirian skies and the water actually comes up from the ground to bring about the moisture for the living beings there. So you see my friends that there is no rain on Sirius as it is not needed. The plants and trees are of different colours to yours on Earth. They are not just in colours of green, but the most beautiful muted shades of violet and blue. The flowers are vibrant and blooming throughout the Sirian year, which is as long as we want it to be, as Time is immaterial on Sirius.

We do have animals and insects on Sirius, but they are respected as equal creatures. There is no need for them to be used as food, as we do not have bodies like yours. Our food is used for enjoyment and not sustenance and touches the senses, even before it is eaten. Our bodies need only water. We have evolved past the need for bodies, but we can create them as needed as with everything. We can have fun with this. We can create anything from our own past and even your own history. We are like actors on stage, designing and creating our own realities.

Many of you may think that Sirius must be a wonderful place to be, but this has not always been so. We have evolved over many millenia and have in fact helped you in your own history. People on Earth in Ancient Civilisations were helped by Sirius to build pyramids, ancient stone monuments and circles in your past. We are here now in great numbers with our fellow beings from other Star systems and Universes. We have come to advise you on how you too can live in peace and harmony as we do.

There have been many books written on this theme but if this appeals to you, maybe you too are from Sirius. Many of you did incarnate on Earth to help the planet Ascend at this special time. You incarnated as human beings to learn what it is like. Some of you may have incarnated before and remember times when you were here in past lives. Those of you who are very new to the planet have been given a taste of past life regression on Earth to help you understand human ways. It has been difficult for you all, we know, but help is at hand now and we wish to open pathways in your brains to help you all achieve a wondrous way of being on this beautiful planet.

Now is the Time to Ascend to a higher consciousness. Many spoke of 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of the world. As you know it was not the end of the world but it was the start of a new beginning. It is time now for you to prepare for your new beginning.

We are working with the Christ Consciousness to bring about Unconditional Love to the planet. The so-called Christ was a being from Sirius who incarnated many times, but was most famously known as Jesus or Jeshua and more is becoming known about him. Many others have worked with this Christ Consciousness and you too can Ascend to this glorious way of being. As a higher consciousness, you too can become a 'Christ' in your own lifetime. Jesus Christ was a son of God but we are all sons and daughters of the so called God, which we call The One.

You too, can be a healer. You too, can perform miracles. You too, can be an Ascended Master in your own lifetime. You too, can create your own reality. Everything that you have attracted into your life, you have attracted to you with a ‚thought'. You can have everything that your heart desires or dreams, if you will only let your mind help your heart to achieve it. Oft times you have a dream such as a beautiful home or a perfect relationship and the Creator hears your dream and sets about ways for you to achieve it. Then you say "but I cannot afford it" or "I don't deserve it" and the dream does not materialise for you do not believe it can happen.

You have to believe that your dreams can come true for them to manifest. You are co-creators in this Universe with an all seeing God/Goddess. You have been put on this planet to work on achieving those dreams to create a new beautiful Earth, but if you do not believe it, it will not happen for you. Belief is such a powerful force and it can literally move mountains. You may have heard of a special secret that some have known for thousands of years. This is the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract everything into your life with but a thought. Thoughts are powerful things. What you think about most often, will be manifested in your life. If you think that you are clumsy, you will be. If you think that you are beautiful, you will be. If you think that you are rich you will be. If you think you are poor, you will be and so on and so on. Your subconsciousness is constantly feeding your brain with many thoughts, a thousand times or more a minute. These thoughts may be from early childhood and have no bearing on your life now. Hypnotherapists work with this law everyday. They work on changing negative thoughts to thoughts of self-belief. It is a wonderful form of therapy which will soon be coming to the forefront of modern day medicine.

Understanding the Law of Attraction can be confusing. You say "How can I have attracted a broken leg, cancer or depression into my life. I did not want these things to happen?" Dear Ones remember that you are not just a body. You are a soul who has existed from the beginning of time and you are having an Earthly experience now. You are not here just to make money, have a good time and then die. You are here to experience life and to develop your soul. Your soul guides you with help from us, Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit guides from your past. Even a baby being born will have a soul who is thousands of years old. There are no new souls as such, only souls who have never incarnated on Earth before. All souls came from the Creator/God/Goddess/Allah/Jehova/The Universe/Mother/Father/Energy/Source/The One etc etc.

This being knows all and is all that there ever was. It cannot be created or destroyed. Even we as highly evolved beings, cannot quite understand how this being was formed, but we do know that it is a Pure Loving energy that sees all, knows all, and is all. The One as we prefer to call this Loving energy, loves all, even the tiniest flea or the most evil of men. The One knows everyone and everything as children. It is difficult putting a gender on this being as it is so mighty. The One has a beautiful plan for the Universe which all began as a thought. The One wanted to experience everything, and the Earth was created as an experiment to do this.

In the beginning everyone was a part of the One and knew this when they first separated, but over the centuries, man became separated from this Truth and it is only now that he is beginning to remember. You are a wondrous soul who came to earth to experience many emotions to expand your soul and are finally now working on Unconditional Love. We are here to help with this work. We are working with the Christ Consciousness and are beaming this Loving energy to all souls on Earth.

This experience or experiment has come full circle now and it is time to go back to a more peaceful way of living. Many on Earth may remember being on Sirius, other star planets, Atlantis, Lemuria, or any other stage in Earth's history. You have always been given the power to do what you will. The Free will that was given to souls was sometimes turned into a nightmare scenario. At one stage in their development souls on the planet Maldek blew their planet up. They were involved in so much warfare that the power was used detrimentally.

The One has now decreed that souls will never be allowed such Free will to be able to destroy planets again. Destroying planets has such repercussions within the Universe that Earth is now being watched over carefully by the Higher Dimensions. Earth is being likened to a volatile teenager who is going through dramatic changes and moods. In fact, an exclusion zone has been placed around her environs. A point was reached in the past and man was in danger of using Nuclear weapons to start another war, as in the Cuban crisis in 1962. The Higher Dimensions had to step in and, with the permission of the One, changed the atmosphere bringing about a so called turn around in the war zone.

At this present time at the beginning of the 21st Century the Earth and it's inhabitants are going through a transition from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th dimension and above. The Earth is a living, breathing organism and is volatile. There are many changes in her structure taking place such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Weather patterns are upside down. There are tornadoes, hurricanes and floods in places where they are not usually known. Hot countries are becoming cooler and cold countries hotter. Seasons are changing. They are a warning, for sure, as many souls wake up to the way the Earth has been damaged in the last hundred years.

More and more is coming to Light about the different layers of Earth and it's construct is not as you might have believed. Worry not about the thinning of the Ozone layer as these holes are repairable. The Sirian energy being beamed onto the planet is able to repair anything that Man appears to destroy. We Sirians can neutralise any damage being done to the Earth and can even neutralise Nuclear energy.

Human beings are finding out that they too have many layers. The so called energy body, the etheric layer. Man is waking up to the fact that he is not just a body, but a spiritual being clothed in an Earthly body. These etheric layers can also thin, thereby creating holes which you are able to repair by connecting with Source in your healings.

Many, many souls were sent down from Sirius, the Pleaides, Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra and other star planets after the 2nd World War to help Earth evolve past the need for warfare. Many of you on Earth may feel a resonance with these words as you open up to the Sirian Gateway. This Gateway is opening you to other worlds and Dimensions which were unavailable to you until recently.

"WAKE UP, YOUR TIME HAS COME" are words that were encoded into your etheric being to wake you up to your real purpose on Earth today. This wave of beings has become known as the Lightworkers and are showing the way to others. These way showers are now waking up and becoming healers, clairvoyants, mediums and channellers. They are rarely in the limelight as they prefer to work behind the scenes to help others evolve into higher states of consciousness…

You may have heard of the Mayan calendar which ended in 2012. Many of you feared the end of the World at this time. As you now know it was not the end but a glorious new beginning. By 2012 the majority of souls on Earth evolved to become peaceful, loving beings intent on creating a wonderful world for themselves to work with the planet instead of against it. Many souls have selected to leave the planet and to continue their journeys elsewhere so in the future the Earth will be inhabited by far fewer souls than at the present time. The Dark souls who have been keeping the majority of souls in degradation and servitude for many, many years will have no place in the New Earth and will have to Transform now or leave the planet to evolve in another dimension.

The beings left on Earth will be working with the Christ Consciousness energy which is being beamed from Sirius. They will be working in Unconditional Love for every living being on the planet. Think about this for a moment. No more wars, no more dis-ease. No more famine. No more poverty. Everyone working with the Creator to co-create a beautiful planet just like Sirius. Does this seem an impossible dream to you? Well my Dear friends, it can be done and it all starts with YOU. We hear you saying "But what can I do to help? I am only one in a vast Universe. How can I help?"

Dearest Ones we have given you 12 steps to creating a new YOU. A workbook that you can use to start this co-creation yourself. We have kept this workbook short to make it simple for you, but then indeed Life can be simple. It is only yourselves who have made it complicated. More and more is being known about the human brain and that you are only using a small part of it. Remember that you are not just a small body, you are a mass of energy. You have many bodies which are in turn linked to other bodies which form The One. Of course you can help.

The most important work that you can do is to work on yourselves to be the best that you can be. You are a spiritual being in an Earthly body solely here to work on soul development and you are meant to have a good time. These 12 steps are simple procedures to enhance your life which in turn will enhance the lives of others around you and in turn will create a wondrous new state of being on the Earth today. Enjoy your steps.

Time is short Dear children so WAKE UP NOW. YOUR TIME HAS COME.

The Gateway to Sirius is a 12 step workbook of meditations channelled from Sirius by Thea Grace Sirius. 3.4.2021


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