KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - March 2021

It is another beautiful day in what is becoming again, your paradise - planet earth, and we are very pleased to connect with you on this magnificent day that God has provided.

Yes, you and the earth are raising in consciousness. You are moving into a new vibrational realm of peace, of joy, of laughter of union and communion with yourself, your own Soul and with the Souls of your brethren. As Paul Selig, the renowned channeler, and his Guides say, “You are free, you are free you are free.”

You are at last free of the perception deception you have lived under for so long. You are free of the limiting thoughts and ideas you held about yourself. You are free of the behaviour that resulted from that limiting knowledge.

Knowledge is power. How you know yourself is how you express yourself, how you behave and how you are. Hitherto you have been taught you are small and incapable of thinking for yourself. And so, you have behaved in a small, incapable and limiting way.

You have felt, and so you have been, incapable of looking after yourself. You have felt the need to turn to authority for guidance in your thinking and your behaving. You have done what you have been told to do. You have been compliant to the instructions you were given.

Now, as the vibration of the earth rises, you are moving up into that higher vibration, the higher vibration that is available to you at this time of ascension. The higher vibration that is the frequency of love, that has always been your inheritance. Now, you can know yourself, and your brethren, in a whole new way.

The thoughts, the ideas that you hold in your brain are primary in defining who you are. When you hold the thoughts of lack, and the belief in lack, the belief that you are not worthy, that is what you will experience as your reality.

As you change the ideas in your mind about yourself and about all of humanity, you change your reality. For the new knowledge that you hold of yourself as the holy child of God, will empower you in a whole new and wonderful way.

And as you see yourself as a Holy Son of God, as an aspect of the Divine, so will you see your brethren. For how can they be excluded from this holy tryst with your creator? When you know they are holy, you know that they too are on the Divine journey in schoolroom planet earth.

You do not have to love their behavior. For their behavior comes from their limited knowledge of themselves. They have been deeply programmed into limitation and negativity, as you were. Your higher frequency as a Starseed, Lightworker has allowed you to break through to the knowing of your Divinity.

You know now that you never, ever did anything wrong or what you might call sinful. What is sin, nothing but a mistake. A mistake that gave you not preferred emotions.

And, therefore, taught you that you did not prefer such behavior. And so that sin, that misstep, that mistake in behavior that you took, was not a sin. In fact it was a great gift that taught you what you needed to learn.

Sin is defined as a transgression against Divine law. And yet holy new thought teachings tell us there is no sin. How can that be when you and your brethren have behaved in ways that you see as transgressions against Divine law?

There are no accidents, even your apparent sins are no accident, they are not even mistakes on this planet earth. You came to earth to make mistakes. For in the making of them you learnt. That is why they happened, for you to learn.

If you learnt one thing from a not preferred sinful mistake that had unpleasant consequences, then that mistake achieved its purpose.

And so that sin, that mistake you made, was good, was to your advantage. For without it you would have continued on the road of the misunderstanding of life and living that you held.

This is what schoolroom planet earth has been designed for. For Divine Souls, holy aspects of the creator, you and your human brethren to be conditioned into negativity. To be conditioned into thinking of themselves as incapable, as unworthy, as even - evil.

As the names implies, mankind is inherently kind, humanity is basically humane. That is, when they have the knowledge of themselves as holy. Mankind is also compliant, empathetic and follows the instructions of those that he feels know better, than he himself does, what is good for him.

Humanity is so easily programmable. For, how else could you convince the holy Soul that you are to behave in ways that are against its Divine nature.

Now it is time for you to reprogram yourselves. To say repeatedly and repeatedly 24 hours a day 7 days a week: “I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth. I am.” These words contain magical codes. These words will retrain your subconscious into the knowledge of who you truly are. These words will refute the limited understanding you have of yourself.

You are an aspect of God. You are a Divine Being. and you have been through the planet earth schoolroom. How fabulous is that.

All that happens to us, all that we say and do is a reflection of our knowledge of life and our understanding. Our knowledge of ourselves, how we think and speak about ourselves, defines, determines who and what we are.

To go back to Paul Selig. His guides tell us to claim: “I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”

“I know who I am,” is a claim of truth, a claim of worth. What you claim as you is how you manifest and what you call to you. You are claiming that you know that you are an aspect of the creator in form.

“I know what I am,” is the knowledge of the body temple that your Soul inhabits in this incarnation. How are you expressed in the body you stand in.

“I know how I serve,” is the about the amount of light and love you radiate into the world. Your vibration is your song, how you serve. The level of your vibration is a reflection of your consciousness. At the high vibration you have reached, service to your self, your own Soul, and service to others is a joy, a natural development.

And, as the guides say, When you claim to your brethren, “I know who you are, I know what you are , I know how you serve,” You are not just recognizing their Divinity, you are also instilling them energetically, with a high vibration - that will move them into their own ascension.

The level of your consciousness is born in what you know, in your knowledge of yourself, in what you hold and what you believe. As you shift out of the paradigm of limitation, you require yourselves to grow up as a spiritual being and the grown up, takes responsibility for all his creations.

First and foremost the creation that you focus on is how you treat yourself and all your brethren.

And so we repeat, knowledge is power. How you know yourself, your internal language, your internal thoughts determine who and what you are, and how you express yourself in the world.

Indeed, dear brethren, life is good and day by day by day, life is getting better as you know yourselves as the holy Souls you are. As you know yourselves as Divine aspects of Source inhabiting human bodies. Bodies inhabited by Souls that are in this world to grow by the contrast, the tapestry of positive and negative events that are presented to you, here on earth, to overcome.

As you go through the planet earth schoolroom experiencing life, from the events that you have planned for yourself, feeling fear from your educational mistakes, you are refining your loving nature by living through contrast, living through preferred and not preferred happenings.

There are no accidents. By your mistakes you gain knowledge of yourself and learn what it is in your behavior that needs to be refined. Then with that knowledge, you can cease to make mistakes for then you turn to love.

And so you raise your frequency above the turmoil and chaos of everyday human life. For now, you know who you are, what you are and how you serve.

Yes, dear brethren, life is good and getting better. For the best is yet to come. Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.