Dearest Ones at your time of the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere, the EARTH and humanity are at last awakening from their slumber. The sap is rising so to speak. GAIA is coming into the dawning of her Spring. Birds are making nests, animals are being born, seeds are sprouting and the first plants are flowering.

There is much HOPE in the air, as lockdowns finish and hope for a summer of freedom from restrictions. This is the HOPE and dawning of a NEW WORLD. Many STARSEEDS have already awoken to the fact that the dark agenda has been controlling the population for eons of your time on EARTH. These LIGHTWORKERS are now helping to awaken others to acknowledge their own FREEDOM, which is their birthright on EARTH today.

Do not forget DEAR ONES that every single human on EARTH has a soul, even the so called Dark Ones. The ONE has informed the Dark ones, their time is up, and they are having to transform or leave the planet to continue their learning in another dimension. The ONE has allowed this Dark agenda to play out on EARTH as an experiment, so to speak. However it was always known that this experiment would come to an end, as the TRANSITION from the 3rd DIMENSION to the 5th DIMENSION takes place which is NOW, Dear Ones.

You wonder how GOD or THE ONE could let such horrors happen on EARTH for all of this time. DEAR ONES, GOD gave every single soul, FREE WILL to play out his/her time on EARTH as a production, so to speak, to grow their own soul on EARTH. EARTH is an amazing planet for souls to grow in wisdom and as such it is the perfect teaching planet. Souls come and go on the planet to experience everything both good and bad. The so called LIGHTWORKERS may well now be appalled, as they begin to understand all of the evil that has taken place in the past. They are beginning to realise how much they have been controlled by this dark agenda on the planet.

However do not forget DEAR ONES that some of you you may well have played with the dark side in a past life, to experience how that might feel, to learn compassion and to understand how a soul can dwell in the evil of this darkness. No one is born evil, it is the choices that they make and the people around them that make them such. A soul may well have decided to be born into an evil family to see if they could overcome that evil in some way. There is no judgement here, if they fail to change that pattern.

Having said that, the movement from Dark to LIGHT is ever upward and the TIME is NOW for all souls to awaken and turn to the LIGHT for a new way of being and living on the planet. GAIA is changing and now needs to Transform herself into a planet where HEAVEN exists. Other planets have volunteered to take the souls, who still need to grow. GAIA now sees her land being slowly destroyed by humans and she has had enough, so to speak. She knows who her friends are and she is involved in the process of souls leaving the planet. Those who continue to disrespect her will be thrown off and not allowed to return until they have reached a certain level of understanding.

GAIA is changing from a teaching planet to a planet where souls can manifest the NEW HEAVEN on EARTH. Cleaner energy forms which have been hidden by the dark agenda, and are more in keeping with GAIA, will resurface. Medical technologies which have also been hidden from view will be found to heal and keep the population healthy. There will be far less humans on the planet as the dark souls leave and the LIGHTWORKERS and their families prevail. It is imagined that 1/5 of the population will stay to keep the Earth stable. Life will become more community based as large Governments will not be needed.

This orchestrated Virus agenda of your year of 2020, was always meant to be a time of spiritual awakening and those souls who have not awoken to this fact, will be doing so in the coming months. Many, many good souls have known about the REAL TRUTH for many years and their patience will soon be rewarded as this TRUTH will slowly be leaked in this year of 2021. It will be found that many Governments throughout the world have hijacked the crisis for their own good. This will now be seen in plain sight for more people to awaken. There may well be much confusion as the evil doings and the TRUTH comes to LIGHT but the LIGHTWORKERS who have been busily working on themselves will be there to help those souls who have been less than aware of the situation.

This is a time of TRANSITION and many of the LIGHTWORKERS have been through their own dark night of the soul and challenging times. However it is time now for you all to rest from your work of awakening other souls and to complete your own inner work on yourselves. We are here to help you with this inner work. DEAR ONES it is time to get rid of the fear of all that is being thrown at you by the dark side. YOU are powerful sentient beings and as such nothing can destroy you.

Do not be fearful about vaccines, 5G, EMF, GMOs, Chem-trails and other problems thrown up by the dark side. As LIGHTWORKERS you are changing from carbon based to a crystalline form. Your minds and bodies will be powerful enough to be unaffected by these things. If in doubt dear Ones we are here to help you neutralise these issues. Keeping you in Fear is the one power that the dark agenda likes to use to keep you in their control. Lose the Fear and they have no power over you DEAR ONES.

It truly is a most momentous time to be on EARTH at this time. Do not be disheartened if things are not happening as fast as you would like them to be happening. All is happening in GOD'S right timing and ALL is WELL. TRUST in the plan and in YOURSELVES, DEAR ONES. You do not need a saviour to save you, for YOU are saving the EARTH yourselves. YOU are all a part of GOD and YOU are all a part of the plan. Be KIND, BE COMPASSIONATE and Be in LOVE with yourselves and those around you. DREAM your NEW WORLD into existence as co-creators with GOD. AND IT WILL BE SO.

As always call on us whenever you need help.

We send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.

We are SIRIUS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 23.2.2021