Dianne Robbins: Weather Anomalies, Confusion and Chaos are Unnatural

(Mikey is a Right Whale)

Mikey is here, waiting for you out at Sea, where I pick up your frequency range. Know that I wait for you every morning, hoping you will pick up my signal and reply to my call. Today we will talk about rain — the floods and quakes and tornadoes on land.

The governments cover up underwater testing experiments that are being done under the ground and in the Oceans.

The governments are themselves disrupting the weather patterns by their testing devices and explosives that destroy the eco-balance of the Earth’s atmosphere and biosphere, causing anomalies and disruptions in Nature.

Nature is in balance and harmony and peacefulness when left alone and not tampered with. It is only man’s hands that disrupt the landscape and seascape, causing mass flooding and winds. Their testing has caused the jet stream to move off its normal path, thus disrupting the whole atmospheric layer of Earth.

Your secret government is using experimental devices to destroy Life on this planet and poison humans to decrease the world’s population so that they can better control the few humans that will be left. This is their intention, and the confusion and chaos is a part of their plan.

We in the Oceans are being directly affected too, as their devices are deadly when magnified in intensity by the water element. The sounds become so loud under water that they vibrate at rates that cause pain and confusion to all Sea Life. The only escape from these torturous devices is to beach our selves or go insane.

Flooding and hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes are not natural and certainly don’t occur in the Inner Earth or in the Subterranean cities. So you must question, why are these calamities occurring on the Earth’s surface? They are occurring because your governments are causing them to occur — all to control Earth’s population and resources so that a very few can own all the planet and all the wealth. This is a travesty of Justice and of Divine Law, and these covert groups won’t be allowed to succeed in their plan but will be removed to another third dimensional planet.

Earth is extremely well monitored by the Galactic Command and Beings from other Star Systems who know precisely what occurs and by whom. We are not in the dark as you Earth humans are — we are cognizant of all that transpires.

So don’t think your weather anomalies are natural — the only natural factors are peace and balance and harmony. When you are in peace and balance and harmony, you are in your natural state. Everything else is out of Nature or unnatural. The same for the Earth — her natural state is out of balance, reflecting the imbalance of humans and their destructive technology.

So stop waging war against the Earth and against each other. We have all done our part, and now it’s up to you. You can either live in peace or be mind controlled and enslaved by your nefarious governments. The choice is yours.

I am Mikey, out at Sea.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins