2021 A YEAR OF INSPIRED GLOBAL CHANGE - Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore


By Penni Moore on March 18, 2021

Good day lightworkers residing on planet earth! We the Highest Council of Light have been watching and assisting humanity, and your planet for eons of time. It is biblical of that which is occurring on your planet, at this time! Speaking in linear time, it has taken millions of years to return humanity and planet earth to a higher vibration of existence. May we say, you are almost there!


As most of you know, there have been numerous downloads coming from the Galactic Sun to humanity and your planet. You have awakened to your true birthright, which is the right to happiness, health, abundance, love and light. These downloads will continue for some time, activating each soul’s DNA and lightbody.

Recall that each of you chose to incarnate on this planet to be present for this epic time, in earth's evolution. Here we are speaking about vibrational evolution. There are no mistakes or coincidences. Each person has a role to play, with the ultimate goal of being fully awakened to who you truly are!

Moving forward there will be more chaos and fear. For those who have woken up, and are experiencing the hologram of what you see, and what you experience will be less traumatic. It all depends on the vibrational work you have done on self. We encourage you to speak the truth of what truly is, and what is occurring, if you are called to from within. Most importantly, your first priority is to take care of yourself, fully love yourself, and emanate the light that you are every second of every day!


Continuing with what is to come, know this journey is about light and darkness, and moving globally to heaven on earth. Make no mistake about this. As we advised there will be more fear and chaos for some, but most will instinctively know to stay calm, to show others there is nothing to fear. People learn by example.

The elite, who have been wrecking havoc and fear are at their “wit's end", so to speak! All the false flags and destruction they are throwing at society is not working for them. There have been so many needless deaths of those who spoke out against the Cabal and their agenda, and those who chose to be an example for the betterment of humanity. We are talking about people in positions of influence, doctors, health workers, scientists, inventors, alternative practitioners, and those of the food and farming industries. These people chose to be of sacrifice so that others may become aware of the lies, deceit and destruction that has been layered upon humanity and your planet.

The truths are slowly and delicately being revealed to society. One by one the atrocities, manipulation, and the lies will be revealed.


NESARA and GESARA (National and Global Economic Security and Reformation Acts) will roll out more and more in the next few months, into 2021 and beyond. Individual's debts will be totally eradicated, as to mortgages, loans, including student loans, credit cards, automobile debt etc. Any debt that has interest attached to it will be abolished. This practice was unlawful. The purpose of interest and taxes was for the benefit of the Cabal, not mainstream society. You will discover what these taxes and interest monies were used for. Believe it, dear ones, there will be no further income taxes moving into the future. Mandates of taking a large percentage of your income for taxation, was under the guise of each country's corrupt governing bodies. This includes the I.R.S in the U.S., which was a private organization.

When citizens are shown and told how the entire world's population have been set up as “corpse-erations”, and traded as commodities, humanity's eyes will be open wide!


So many people are conveying the truth by what you are calling “digital warriors”, informing the population as to what has been truly occurring on your planet. It is no longer business as usual at the Vatican. The Vatican was never set up to mandate and direct Christianity and the Catholic church. The Vatican's purpose was to totally control the Federal Reserve, all the while propagating human trafficking and pedophilia.

Humanity have been shown for years what priests, bishops, and cardinals have been doing behind closed doors, raping and sexually abusing children. Ever so often a member of the clergy would be charged and tried. It was happening in plain sight people? Those who were charged were revealing only a glimpse of global pedophilia rings.

The Vatican have suppressed the truth of scripture and of Christ Jesus, and what was supposed to be taught to humanity. This may come as a colossal shock to some but religions are man made, not from God or Prime Creator. The actual truth is the man Jesus did not want a religion and certainly he did not want to be worshipped! Only God is Prime Creator! Name this supreme Source what you will. But there is only one Prime Creator.

Humanity has always meant to live in peace, surrounded with abundance. There was no reason that any person on this planet should live in lack and despair. Greed and evil created this! And it controlled the planet for eons. Humanity has been programmed and manipulated for far too long!

The television is a prime example with an agenda of manipulation. Why do you think what is shown on the television are called programs? Another prime example of control, programming, and manipulation is the main stream media, including all their networks. It too was totally run by the Cabal. Those of their bloodlines took up positions as directors, producers, journalists, and CEO's of the major networks. All played a part in propagating the Cabal's agenda. Their goal was always to keep the population in fear. As the Cabal thrive on fear! Look at the race for toilet paper chaos that occurred at the beginning of the fake pandemic.


Let's move onto HOLLYWOOD and the entertainment industry. Anyone who desired fame, fortune and ultimate success were required to sign on with Satan. They had to follow a certain protocol as to the use of symbolism in promoting Lucifer. It will be carefully revealed as to what was expected of these famous and often idolized celebrities. All will be severely dealt with, especially for those who have committed crimes against humanity, especially crimes against our precious children! Humanity has been so duped as to what was truly occurring in the entertainment industry. For what has occurred as to crimes against humanity, one must realize that the entertainer’s who complied, wrote this in coming into their embodiment. It was a part they played to open the eyes of humanity, so light filled change could occur.

Since the death of John F. Kennedy, major players have worked diligently to wake up humanity and “drain the swamp", so to speak of evil, injustice and destruction. There are numerous beautiful souls involved in tearing down the old paradigm in order to usher in love, peace and abundance onto this planet.

Some of you know that what has occurred and what is now playing out globally is biblical prophesy. The King James Version of the bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad-gita all are prophetic guidelines as to what truly is.


Humanity and planet earth are moving into a much higher vibration, that which is called 5 dimensional and beyond. Moving forward there will be peace on earth. Humanity will thrive! Countries will thrive! Continents like Africa, for example have been oppressively controlled. Their resources raped and pillaged along with the citizens of this beautiful continent. Africa will thrive! Poverty and adversity will be conditions of the past. The continent will need assistance, as they have been held back for so long. This is where the world's citizens, lightworkers, philanthropists, and off planet benevolent beings will step forward to teach, renew, to help plan and create an abundant life for every citizen.

Know that every citizen on earth was traded as a commodity since their birth, under their name, from a corrupt elite conglomerate. Your rights and your sovereignty were stolen from you unlawfully. All will be eradicated in your name. How glorious is that?

Moving into 2021 is just the beginning as to what is to transpire for humanity on a global level. As it has been consistently advised, “The best is yet to come!” Know that we the benevolent light beings, who have been with you since humanity was seeded on this planet, are with you, guiding you every step of the way. We are you in higher vibrational timelines and higher dimensions. We are not rewriting your history – you are!

Moving forward we ask each of you to visualize an exquisite, loving, abundant life, as this is your birthright.

We shower you with an abundance of love and light. We are the Highest Council of Light.