Be in love with life.

Souls come to Planet Earth to learn and grow their soul. It may be a hard lesson to learn and be tough at times but there is always a higher purpose to everything that happens to you. Your own body is your greatest teacher. If you have an ache or pain, sit still and ask your body why you have this pain. If you clear your mind, you will always get an answer. Your body and soul are trying to tell you something, so listen and learn from this wise teaching.

Many times they may well be telling you to do the very thing that would make you the happiest, instead of constantly doing and working at something that does not support your health. Your body may be telling you to be more creative, to exercise, play games, dance, write, paint, read or to just sit down and relax. If there is something that you really enjoy doing, which you are not doing, your soul will cry out to you in any way to remind you to take better care of yourself.

Sometimes the only way that the soul has of doing this is to give you a big shock. For example many workaholics have very stressful lives, constantly working to make money and not relaxing and enjoying themselves. Their soul will create a disease in the body to make the body slow down. A so called dis- ease, as it is known, is a body not at ease with itself. This dis- ease then becomes a great teacher. Many people with a serious disease, wake up to the fact that they have only a limited time left on Earth. Only then do they realise that this planet is a wonderful place to be and finally start to do all the things that they have wanted to do. In doing so, they start to ENJOY life. They learn to live in the moment and live life as if there were no tomorrow.

How many times have you had a cold or flu when you have been working too hard, feel run down or just unhappy. If the soul is happy and the immune system healthy, it is impossible for a virus to take hold. There are numerous viruses present in our environment all the time and it is only when we are run down that we actually succumb to them. Unfortunately in this so called civilised society the environment has become toxic and immune systems are having a hard time coping. However now at this time of Transition to a better life on Earth, many souls are indeed waking up to this toxicity and are learning how to look after the Earth and to live in harmony with Nature. Living on Earth was not meant to be a struggle. Learn how to live your life in a more joyful way for your own soul growth and in doing so you will help those around you and the planet as a whole. Learn to: Love your body, Love your home, Love your friends, Love your enemies, Love Nature, Love the Planet but most important of all learn to: LOVE YOU. LOVE YOUR LIFE.


Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and practise deep breathing. Breathe in calm and breathe out any tensions or worries that you have. When you feel totally relaxed and calm, practise clearing your mind. When a thought comes into your head, send it way up into the Universe. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place in Nature. It may be a beach, a meadow, a mountain or anywhere that you feel calm and relaxed. The weather is just how you like it.

See the sights, sounds and smells that are very familiar to you. You are home and this is the place where you have always wanted to be. In the distance you see a house. This is where you live. What does it look like? Is is large or small? Is it a large mansion, small cottage, bungalow or small cabin? Are there other houses around or is it on its own? Walk into this house, how many rooms does it have? Is it like your own home, where you live now or is it completely different? See where you sleep, eat and relax.

Now pick one of the rooms where you feel most comfortable and look out of the window. What do you see? Is there a beautiful view? Which country are you in? Now look at the clothes you are wearing. What do they look like? Are they long and flowing or plain and comfortable. Now, walk out of the house and find out where you spend your days. Do you work? Have fun with this and do whatever work that you really would love to do if you did not have worry about money. Imagine what the perfect workplace would be. This is the work that you were born to do. When you have finished your work, go back to your home.

Do you live on your own or with another person or with your family. Where do you eat? Do you cook for yourself or does someone else do the cooking for you? Do you go out to a restaurant to eat? What do you eat? You can have anything to eat here, as you are always the perfect size and you never gain or lose weight. Where do you go to relax? Do you stay home or go out for the evening? Do you have any hobbies ? What do you really love doing here? What people do you meet? You can meet anyone here alive or dead? Have a conversation with them. What are they saying to you?

Have fun with this meditation and you will begin to learn how close your so called real world is to your imagined dream. Stay in this heavenly world for as long as you like knowing that you can come back to this place anytime that you want. When you are ready, open your eyes, come back to full waking consciousness and ground yourself to the Earth.

After you have done this meditation write in a journal all of your experiences and guidance that you have received in the meditation. Repeat this meditation as often as you can, until your real world does in fact start to reflect all that you have experienced in your meditations and you will find that you have actually dreamed your world into existence. LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius