The Hidden War

March 10, 2021 by Steve Beckow

When someone comes to write the history of this (r)evolutionary period in human history, I think they’ll look upon what’s happening right now as the hidden war.

It’s happening in DUMBs (deep underground military bunkers), surface military bases, tunnels connecting Rome and Jerusalem, under Atlantic islands, under Antarctica.

We don’t see it. And the Alliance has turned the lockdown around to keep us off the streets, to make sure we don’t see the smoke coming up from under Washington, DC, get in the way of the transfer of power at the Vatican, or witness the closure of Buckingham Palace … and any tunnels underneath.

The Alliance has taken the cabal’s plan and co-opted it in the name of public protection.

Meanwhile soldiers are said to have died in the hidden war. I believe it was a whole company that was killed in a recent cabal surrender trap.

And both sides are sowing seeds of information, misinformation, and disinformation.

This war could very well be won without the public hearing so much as the firing of a shot. Maybe an earthquake or two, as a DUMB or tunnel is blown up. Much gunfire going on below – and maybe above – the Earth, out of public view.

We know the galactics will not allow nuclear explosions in space (and most nuclear weapons are missile-launched). We know that total conventional war will also not be permitted.

We know as well that world peace is part of NESARA. No peace in that country, no NESARA.

For the rest we wait.

At some point we’ll know the details of how a deadly but final war for the liberation of this planet took place almost entirely out of the public’s view. That may come as soon as the rumored emergency broadcasts/announcements.